Facebook Foto Friday

You’ll be seeing this photo on the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative Facebook page on Friday.

Why the preview? Because I’m hoping you’ll join me and other AAQI supporters by sharing a photo of one of YOUR Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts on the AAQI Facebook page.

It’s a great way to get people excited about buying quilts. And quilt sales mean research dollars to fight Alzheimer’s. Plus you get to brag what a good shopper you are.

This is one of the quilts I purchased. “What Is She Thinking?” is an incredible rendition of the Mona Lisa in cloth. It was  made by Bobbie McClure Long from East Stroudsburg, PA, and donated to the AAQI back almost 5,000 quilts ago. (If you haven’t heard, we just received our 10,000th donated quilt!)

You can see a much better picture here. Read Bobbie’s Artist Statement and you’ll know why we need to end this disease.

I hang quilt #6079, and several others, on the doors that hide the mess in the cabinets above my desk. I smile my own Mona Lisa smile, but you don’t have to wonder what I’m thinking:

I’m tickled pink to own this quilt and know that the money I paid for it helped support Alzheimer’s research.

If you don’t yet own a quilt of your own from the AAQI, we know how to fix that. You can buy one here:


All AAQI profits fund Alzheimer’s research.

Thanks for your support, and I hope to see one of the quilts YOU purchased on Facebook on Friday.
Ami :)

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