Pretty In Pink

When my nephew Jack and his wife Amy had their baby, I started in on the second generation of Simms quilts. Keira received hers in the middle of last summer and here it is almost a year later and I’m finally finding time to share these pictures.

I used the same technique I teach in my String Quilting workshop except that I used a striped fabric instead of piecing all the “strings.”  The stripes in the fabric ran perpendicular to the selvage edge, not parallel to it as most do. That is part of what makes the quilt look a little different.

I used flannel for the batting/backing and machine quilted the wonky feathers in turquoise thread. Totally free-form. All I marked were the feather veins and I went off on a tangent from there.

I hope it gets as beat up as Noah’s quilt.

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20 thoughts on “Pretty In Pink

  1. What talent. Shouldn’t waste that talent dying undies. lol Maybe quilting might be the hobby for you.- Nah.- Ami it is a beautiful quilt.


  2. I love it!! I made a baby quilt and accesories several years ago from a “cheater” fabric ie. a panel. The panel was a scene of a giraff and all the different animals in a garden. It also had panels for a stufed giraff and a story book. It was so colorful and I had great fun quilting in even thosh it was not pieced.


  3. Beautiful quilt, beautiful child, love the tie dye effect and the quilting ties it all together. I am sure it will get as much use as your grandson.


  4. Love the feathers! Did I see a face or two, or three in the wonkiness?!! What a great idea…bet that baby will wear all the fuzziness off that flannel! Great quilting, Ami. from your student Mona in Houston.


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