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I’ve been a supporter of the St Luke’s New Life Center here in Flint, Michigan for years. In about 15 seconds, you can help too. That’s it. Honest.

The law offices of Daniel J. Andoni in downtown Flint pledges 3% of their net profits to deserving charities in Genesee County. Each month five charities are selected and the public selects which charity will get the money by voting online.  “St Luke’s” is featured this month. Please spend a few seconds and give them your vote. It costs you nothing. You don’t have to register for anything. You will have helped.

St Luke’s helps at risk families learn life skills and self-esteem. They help prepare clients for meaningful employment. They tutor at-risk kids. They teach anger management skills to end violence. They are good people and they deserve your support.

Vote here.

Or, if you prefer to “cut & paste” then vote here:

If the page loads too slowly, go here first and then at the top of the page click Giving Back.

And yes, I’m way ahead of you. I happen to know of another terrific charity in Genesee County. I’ll be asking you to vote for the AAQI on this same page some time in the near future, so this is good practice.

Hats off to Daniel Andoni for his most generous philanthropy. What a terrific thing to do!

Thank you!

PS: This video of the NEW Life Center (St Luke’s) was filmed this past Thanksgiving.


12 thoughts on “Click To Help

  1. I voted and will do this again for you in the future!!!! Thank you for giving me the chance!!! I welcome the opportunity to help those up in the Flint area. I know how hard hit it has been.. My prayers go out to those up there in need.. and those that help…


  2. Now I know what is wrong with this world. I love animals as much and more perhaps than the next person, but to think that given a choice people choose pit bull rescue over the other deserving charities.These results have ruined my day.
    Let me know when the next vote is and I don’t even live in Michigan or the US for that matter.



  3. It was a tough one for me. I usually choose animal rescues because having volunteered for one for 8 years I know how hard it is for them to get money and support. However after reading about St. Lukes I chose them because of the work they do. They are not just a handout they actually teach skills and help ,from what I can tell , in all areas. I wish some place like this had been around back in the 70’s and again in 90 when I needed it. How different my life might have been.


  4. Good for you, Ami!

    It looks as though your “crowdsourcing” is working – St. Luke’s New Life Center seems to be the majority of votes so far – the pie chart says it all!

    I, too, had a difficult time choosing “against” the animal rescue, but yes – once we get the people rescued, we can focus on their pets, eh?

    Here’s to good people spreading good news!



  5. Voted. Ami, thank you for all you do to make the world a better place, and to make it easy for us to help, too.


  6. Done! Thank you Ami for all that you’re doing to help make this a better world, and for making it easy for us to help too!


  7. I am a big supporter of animal welfare issues, but I was happy to support Ami’s cause as well!! It’s too bad that all of these worthwhile causes have to compete for money when so much is being wasted on wars, etc.


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