Be My Friend!

Scooter here.  Big news about me, which is the best kind.

I am on FaceBook.

Yup, and if you all friend me, I’ll have more friends than Mom! Do it. C’mon.

I am learning many things, like how to open the screen door and let myself outside. Mom says I have to stop that.

I can also open the bathroom door and let myself in. Like when somebody is in there. I have to stop that too.

I am still learning not to bark at other dogs, cats, birds, large insects, squirrels, people with bags, large trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, neighbors, and children.  Mom says if I ever want to go cool places I have to stop that too.

Mom is very patient.

She marches me toward whatever I want to bark at and then as soon as I bark she hauls my sorry carcass in the other direction. Then we try it again. Each time we get closer and closer until I can walk by without barking at all. Whining is OK.

Yesterday we walked in the neighborhood and I was perfect. Until we passed the two statue dogs. They are real dogs, but they are very well-trained and don’t move at all. They are real dogs ’cause I saw one pee. So I barked.  ABOUT FACE!

Then we met the two yappy dogs behind the fence. They bark really loud and jump so much they make dust clouds. I barked back in joyous salutation and partial terror. ABOUT FACE!

Up ahead I saw the black dog without a person and a loose toddler. I barked very hard trying to figure out which was more frightening. ABOUT FACE!

By time we were done I didn’t bark at nobody. We walked by everybody and I was very good. My goodness only lasts about 24 hours, but like I said Mom is very patient.

Mom is writing her newsletter right now. She’ll be back here soon. Don’t forget about FaceBook.

Meanwhile, you can watch my video.

22 thoughts on “Be My Friend!

  1. I love you, Skooter! When I see your video I have to ask myself why anyone would want anything other than a golden retriever. I’ll befriend you if I can figure out how to do that. Keep on truckin’ – you are doing so well!


  2. Keep up the good work Scooter!
    Your Mom IS a very patient lady and I know you will learn well.

    (I know the opening doors is a No-No, but it did make me giggle!)


  3. Must be much cooler in Michigan to run around…I love ice in my
    water bowl too…This is Scooter Randall speaking and I am so glad
    you love your forever home now…here in Ilinois I just spend my time
    thinking about vanilla ice cream..I am well trained to bark before
    bedtime so my mom and I snack and sleep better …who says
    we can’t train our family..try to bark only for treats! Loveya, Scootz


  4. Actually, Scooter , I think being able to open doors just shows how smart you are. You just need to learn appropriate opening. So you will learn the not barking thing quickly. I will friend you on FB you will join all the other dogs I have friended. Pretty much my whole list of friends has something to do with dogs. lol Have a great day and stay cool.


  5. Oh Scooter! I do love your movie and your postings. Good thing your mom got a dog smart enough to type. I can see that you and your mom are very good for each other and are having a lot of fun. I’m so glad you got a home that loves you THIS much!


  6. Hey Scooter, good job on catching on so quickly. You have no idea how lucky you are to be adopted by the Simms family!! Get mom to let you look at some of Madisons blogs, so you’ll get some idea of the fun you are going to have. Has she strapped the dog cam to you yet? Looking forward to more updates from you!


  7. Scooter,Buddy here, golden from RI. I use to be able to open the sliding door screen then my mom put a piece of woven metal over the screen after my brother had to replace the screen a few times. I am so glad you have your forever home. I use to have a brother and sister but three goldens where a little too much for my mother and she found them good, really good homes, Now my sister goes camping and my brother goes out on a boat with his own life jacket how cool is that


  8. Scooter, ask your mom to bring you to my house and you can practice not barking with Stormie. Stormie also has fur, but she has cat fur not dog fur. We have lots of dog fur in our neighborhood, so it might be a good place to explore and practice. We also have fish in our pond that you can watch (not eat). They don’t have fur, but they do have spots.


  9. LOVED IT!!! My dogs crave ice cubes, too – although I’m sure they think it’s a new food group. The tennis ball “release” cracked me up because one of my dogs is so similarly gentle when leaving it on my lap to throw. Persistent, but gentle. Thanks for sharing and bringing
    a smile to my face!


  10. Hey Scooter,

    Ollie here. Thanks for the PSA!

    My Mom said to tell your Mom that we appreciate her newsletters and your blog too.

    Ollie Boy


  11. Scooter, I’m so glad your mother has found a companion. She is patient so you’ll learn soon to behave and not bark at every little thing you find exciting. Of course, if you were a cat, she wouldn’t have to worry because we don’t bark or carry on like dogs do.


  12. Please, please DO NOT give up your blogging – there are those of us out here who do not want or do Facebook – and we would really miss out on your life and travels if you abandon your blog. Why, it would be like you abandoning us. Thanks for any consideration on this matter. Judy C in NC

    Don’t worry. Mom will let me blog sometimes.


  13. Thanks for the PSA – will work at remembering to do just that, especially the have fun and stay hydrated part. You’re so good at bringing back that ball – my dog would run catch it and wouldn’t bring it back to me – and when I went to get it to throw it again for him he would run off with it! I still miss his silly self.


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