Airplane Yo-Yos

I can’t leave the house on a teaching trip unless I have something to sew. It just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t matter if I ever pull it out of my carry-on, just knowing I could amuse myself at any moment with needle and thread is comforting.

It takes my mind off the age of the plane and the youth of the pilot.

This past week I packed yo-yos to sew. Itty-bitty ones. Before I took off on the first leg of my journey to Salt Lake City and the Home Machine Quilting Show I FaceBooked and asked how many yo-yos my friends thought I could sew from Flint, Michigan to Minneapolis.

Even with a maintenance delay I wasn’t as fast as they thought I was. I got 12 done.

I stitched on all three flights on the way home for a grand total of 48 yo-yos on the 13-hour trip home.

I do have a use for them. I’m just not ready to reveal exactly what that is yet. ;)

As for sewing on airplanes, needles, pins, and SHORT pointy scissors are “TSA OK.” Read what’s allowed at

Travel Tip: if you want the armrest, use long thread. Your seat mate backs off pretty quick if they think your #10 between might connect with a body part oozing into your personal air space.

If you’d like to try making a mini yo-yo, the fold line is a 1-3/16″ cirle.

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16 thoughts on “Airplane Yo-Yos

  1. Hilarious and absolutely wonderful at the same time! I heart these and am adding them to my airplane and car ride to do list!!! Future purpose probably the same unknown as your own ;) Fabulous idea, Amie!!!


  2. I feel the same way about travelling. This time I even got something done in the air! Yes, I had rechecked the TSA rules and had to get shorter scissors than the ones I usually carried… Can’t wait to see what marvelous surprise you have in store for us with your mini yo-yos. I always love your surprises!


  3. 48 is a good start, Ami. But twice as many done on the way home? Does that mean you had boring seatmates on the trip home? I enjoyed your talk at HMQS. thanks for a fun read.


  4. You are quick with Yo Yo making. I thought it was a pretty fast process until I started making them and realized they take a little tme. Love your colors Ami. Can’t wait to see what you are doing with them.


  5. Those are small! I thought that the thimble was one of those little paper bathroom cups until I looked close! I like little things, but that might be just a bit to much, or should I say too little, for me! LOL


  6. 1 3/16 circle! Holy Shmoly….that’s a micro-mini! : = )

    I also make them on road trips (or at night while filling time between dinner and bedtime! Unlike you, I have no clear idea what I’m going to use them for! Looking forward to seeing your end product!


  7. I like to knit on a plane…usually something small like a dish cloth and I use a short bamboo circular needle BUT I’m thinking that I should use LONG aluminum needles for more seat room as I am usually stuck in the middle! Course TSA probably wouldn’t let them on!
    I like doing yo yo’s too…I have a rubber stamp for a snowman card that has 2 yo yos as the body parts..cute.


  8. I thought you would get more done too. Must have gotten some snoozing in. Don’t take those scisssors to Mexico. They are fine her but they wouldn’t let me on the plane with mine or my plastic knitting needles. In the late 40’s, My Auntwas visiting from Ca and showed us how she crocheted them together like spokes of a wheel. when altogether, we used them on the bed over a pastel colored sheet. Really cool. Of course, I was just a young thing!


  9. 48 yoyos in 13 hours? You must have been gazing out of the window or chatting with your seatmates… I bet they are perfect, though.


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