True Confessions

My nephew Mason is getting his quilt. Soon. Really soon.

The first three nephews got their quilts before they could sit up. Mason’s already in school. Poor kid.

It wasn’t bad enough that I conned his non-quilting mother into making the top. It’s been years (plural) since our little project together began and the quilt still isn’t done!  (But hey, my sister-in-law learned how to quilt! That’s got to count for something, right?)

Students in my String Quilting class on Friday (Saginaw, Michigan) will see the quilt before Mason does, because I did a few things differently that they might want to try. More on that in a future blog. Stay tuned, as they say.

But that’s not why I’m blogging about Mason’s quilt. I also wanted to “confess” that I often put the binding on before I’ve finished all of the quilting. I can hear the gasps.

Before you pass judgement, know that I hand-baste my top/batting/back and the layers are pretty well nailed. I can start quilting wherever I want; nothing is going to slide around. 

I usually start quilting on the outside edges of my quilts. I can drive onto the quilt and drive off again into the exposed batting, eliminating any need to knot stitches. After the outside edges are quilted I put on the binding. That means I can cut off all the excess batting/backing NOW, making my quilt smaller by at least 2 inches on all sides. That makes it at least a little easier to get it  into the armpit of my machine. See, I’m not so dumb after all…

That’s all I’m confessing for now, except that although my quilt has lots of hills and valleys, there’s no batting in it. WHAT?!!
I guess you’ll have to read the next blog…

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8 thoughts on “True Confessions

  1. I used to call them toddler quilts because I didn’t finish them when it was for the baby. Problem is they now have to be larger than baby sized. I’ve got one, too, for a nephew who is in school. It just needs to be basted and quilted. Ahh.


  2. Ami, You crack me up! I LOVE starting my Monday’s with a blog post from you. Makes the whole week go better. As for the quilt it looks okay from here….


  3. Hmmm………… quilting stitches going off the top into the exposed batting, layers trimmed and binding sewn in place. Now there is no batting IN the quilt. Could it be on the back with the intended backing inside?????????????? :)


  4. Ami I love the idea of hand basting the quilt, sewing in from the edges…no knots…and being able to cut off the excess…making the project smaller….What a great concept!!!!
    Are you going to be at the meeting Friday? GSQ


  5. So glad to discover I am not the only person who binds before all the quilting is done. It makes the quilt so much easier to handle – even if the binding is only tacked on and not finished.
    Provided the batting is held in place and stabilising stitching is done, nothing can possibly shift – and any lumps obviously need more quilting.


  6. I do the exact same thing on my borders and binding and for the same reason, but now I feel better that I have “Your Blessings” ! LOL! I often baste with water soluable thread.
    Susan Gardner


  7. Ami, I am so sorry about Madison. I know how hard it is to let go of a beloved pet that is also a member of the family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I enjoyed reading in your blog and news letters the articles from Madison. I will miss those.



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