I Can See Clearly Now

It was a Big Day around the Simms household yesterday. I changed the shower curtain. Yes indeed, a time for celebration.

I finally broke out the clear plastic shower curtain liner I picked up at Ikea and up she went. Naturally that inspired me to crawl inside the shower and make a video.

I thought it would be kind of fun to share how I hung my quilt as a shower curtain by making a tab of fabric with a strip of  grippy (“hook”) Velcro stitched to it. I sewed small lengths of soft (“loop”) Velcro to the back of the quilt. I made these segments small (about 2″ long), rather than of one long continuous strip, so the quilt would drape better.

Now with the clear plastic shower curtain liner I can enjoy the back of my quilt from inside the shower. My life was somehow lacking without that opportunity. I just have to remember to shower with my glasses on!

I think everybody should have a quilted shower curtain. It’s a great conversation starter, and so entertaining for guests who visit your home.

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41 thoughts on “I Can See Clearly Now

  1. What a great idea! What kind of shower rod? In your photos it looks like a “tension” rod, but I’m suspecting that wouldn’t be strong enough. Btw, nice quilt, too. You’re the best.


  2. What a great idea!!! And I almost spit out my coffee laughing when I read the ending. You are so funny!! I really enjoy your blogs. Big hugs and thanks for starting my day with a great idea and a laugh!


  3. Ami, was there already a strip of “hook” velcro on the clear vinyl or did you have to add that, too?
    This is a great way to hang a quilt….anywhere!


  4. I have a quilt as the shower curtain in our “main” bathroom. I have received lots of comments on it. Fun way to show off a quilt!


  5. I would love to do that, but our bathroom seems to be a mildew garden. How do you deal with that? We just use clear liners and change them every 3-4 months when they get fuzzy.


      1. I wash my shower curtain with warm/hot water and towels – it keeps it from going black and I don’t have to buy a new one every 2-3 months

        Great idea Ami. I love the way you attached the quilt –


  6. Ami, if you are like me some of these ideas come to in dreams and gets your adrenaline flowing and you can’t get back to sleep.


  7. Ami, This is of course a great idea. Never thought of doing that. But for years and I do mean years, I have made shower curtains out of sheets. A twin sheet is just the right size for a standard bathroom shower and a second twin sheet can be used for the bathroom window if there is one. Guess the sheets could be quilted also. Never thought of doing that . And I bet Madison loves your new shower curtain also..


  8. Word of caution . . . if you have a small bathroom and occasionally spritz bleach-containing products on and around the toilet . . . you may find your quilt developing an interesting (NOT!) pattern of splatters near the bottom. Guess how I know that????


  9. Hi ami,
    I think it a gorgeous quilt and you did an excellent job of explaining how to hang it as a shower curtain.:) I would like to have the pattern for the quilt. I see that I am not the only one interested in the quilt pattern. I understand that the book is now out of print :(. If enough of us express our interest perhaps you will find a solution to this little problem :)


  10. My favorite shower curtain quilt is the first one that you made and a picture is published in your “Prize Winning Quilt” book!!


  11. I agree with the other writer, when I see I have an email from you, I know I’m going to laugh out loud.

    Thank you for all the “lifting up” you do via email! Give the pup a pat from me…I adore him as well.


  12. I agree with the others, I’m happy when I see an email from you, especially in the AM! Thanks for that.

    Oh, and I also really enjoy Madison’s emails, especially the one about the hair!

    This quilt is wonderful and I love it. What a great idea with the liner. You’re so creative!


  13. Believe it or not I’ve had a quilt shower curtain for over 20 years! I had a quilt top that I had made and decided not to use as a bed quilt so I tied it (machine quilting wasn’t popular back then and I didn’t want to put the time into hand quilting) without batting in between to make it lighter and put button holes at the top of it. The button holes worked great with the plastic hangers but I do like your velcro idea too. I also have a plastic liner on the inside of the tub so I can view my quilt. Everyone that quilts should have one. It’s a great conversation piece (if someone uses your bathroom!) and it can be washed easily and hung right back up again. Nancy


  14. Just changed my shower cutrain liner as well. I did mine because the first three gramets had been torn by a guest ancious to get on with life. I want house guests like yours who would take the time to look at what was in the bathroom!


  15. Ami, did you sew the long Velcro strip directly onto the plastic? Did that plastic go through the sewing machine OK?

    Watch the video again. The liner is just a liner. No Velcro there. ~~Ami :)


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