Rent Time on a Longarm

My cousin Niki finished her quilt top back in 2007 and she did a great job. It took us more than three years to find the time to get her top quilted. That’s because we live halfway across the country from each  other. I’m in Michigan; Niki is in Florida.

On Friday, the stars and planets aligned and Niki and I spent the better part of the day with Corol from Quilters’ Choice in Jupiter, Florida. She guided Niki through the process on their Gammill longarm quilting machine and THE QUILTING IS DONE!

Three cheers for Niki! She’s one of us now.

The quality of the video is somewhat better directly on YouTube for some reason:

On to the binding! Estimated completion time: 2014.

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5 thoughts on “Rent Time on a Longarm

  1. Hi Ami, tell Niki her quilt looks great. I never thought about renting time on a long arm machine but what a great idea. PS: I ordered my earrings yesterday. It was hard picking just 3 pairs so I may be back!

    Three is the minimum, not the maximum. Call today so we can fit more in the box and save you shipping!


  2. In my area I had to take a class to get certified on the longarm before I could rent it. That $150 and the one on one time with the instructor was the best money I’ve ever spent. Since then on my own I rented the machine and quilted a king-sized quilt in 4 hours instead of waiting weeks or months to get it back from someone else.


  3. Good show Niki! Inspiring video Ami!

    Niki always works the AAQI booth at the Houston International Quilt Festivao, with her wonderful BIG voice, but I had no idea that she is your cousin. Or even that she doesn’t live in Texas.

    Maybe sometime you could give us short bios about the regulars who work the booth?

    Glad you got some time in Florida and could get warm!


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