Quilty Earrings For Valentine’s Day

There are three great new earring designs out just in time for Valentine’s Day. “Peg,” “Val,” and “Eleanor” join more than 50 “girls” from Slices of Light collection of ultra-light earrings designed by Peg Howard.

Amish inspired earrings (“Ida” and “Esther”)  are new this month too. They’re manipulations of my Amish Baskets quilt from many years ago.

That was the quilt I worked on in the evenings after Jennie went to bed. Black fabric, black thread, hand-quilted at night. What a great idea!

Still it is one of my favorite quilts, now that it’s done! I’m also willing to ignore the fact that it fits no known bed.

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9 thoughts on “Quilty Earrings For Valentine’s Day

  1. It seems like most of the quilts I make are too small for my beds and too big to hang on the wall. Now I’ve run out of sofas and chairs to “throw” them on….but I keep making them anyway! I’m amazed you were ever able to finish that black quilt working at night, but it’s a great quilt.


  2. Love the new earrings. Can’t Steve build you a bed to fit the quilt? What a wonderful collaboration that could be. Though I don’t want to “start” anything here…


  3. I know just what you mean about blacks and working at night. I once did a counted cross-stitch on black. I had to use 2 lights, one on top and one underneath.

    As for the size of the quilt, remember, quilts aren’t just for beds! Who cares what size it is.


  4. About too small quilts ………I made two “lap” size quilts a while ago but never sal with them! I just layer the two of them on my bed catty-corner At less than five feet tall now, they are perfect for me on chilly nights.


  5. Going to have to order some “heart’ ones too. I try to wear earrings w/ a heart theme every day of February ’cause my youngest was a Valentine baby ….. or maybe just because. :-)


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