More Art For Your Lobes

Maryann, Nan, and Samantha

Peg Howard, master manipulator of images for your ears, has added several more “girls” to her collection of art for your ear lobes. This brings her collection to 31 different designs! Order three or more and save 20%

These  make wonderful gifts for friends and for yourself. We now offer a “cheap ship” option starting at $2.29, depending on where you live and how many earrings you order. Just write “CHEAP SHIP” in the comment section and we’ll adjust your invoice at this end. US residents only.

There are more designs coming shortly, but for now I’m having trouble deciding. Can you help?

Please help me decide! Number 1, 2, and 3 are from my Amish Baskets quilt. Peg has manipulated the baskets and come up with three terrific designs.

Numbers 4, 5, and 6, and from my Whig Rose quilt. I can’t make up my mind these either. I like them all.

What are YOUR favorites? I’d appreciate it if you’d write your favorites in the comment section below. (You can pick more than one.) Just write the numbers of the ones you like the best. Other comments are also welcome.

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117 thoughts on “More Art For Your Lobes

  1. i love the earrings and have bought many pairs for myself and family. i would love to see earrings in traditional quilt block patterns (not kaleidoscope) – ohio star, flying geese, pinwheels, etc.


  2. I like 3 and 6 for earrings. Ithink the more detailed designs don’t show up as well in a smaller space (assuming the pictures are the actual size of the earing.


  3. #2 and #4 for earrings. But I would LOVE #4 and #5 in a large size for ceramic tiles for my kitchen! (Guess I’d need A LOT of earrings for a backsplash, eh?!)


    1. Hello Melissa—
      “Peg– how about on point?”—This is a common suggestion I hear, so allow me to explain why I don’t yet do “on point.”
      I have worked through a multitude of options, in the MANY months of development before the public eyes ever viewed them.

      I am an “on point” kind of Gal myself- :) I tried doing the very first ones ALL on point and almost gave up the whole adventure because more of them were in the trash because the hole was “off”–hugely frustrating! Been there, tried it, and almost threw the baby out with the bath water!!

      The fact that they are all hand cut with scissors and the hole punched with a hand-held punch, AND they are only 3/4 of an inch wide, there is NO margin for error when they are set on point. I did try, honestly. VERY hard. But this adventure is meant to be joyful and pleasureable for me too, so I put that thought aside for now and moved on with squared earrings only.

      I havent thrown the on point option out for the future, it will just involve a custom jig and punch press. Someday that will happen, I’m sure. Untill then, I hope that the squared version will continue to delight those who own them and have given them as gifts.

      So there you have, as Paul Harvey would say, “the of the rest of the story.”


      PS: That was one of the first questions Ami asked when she saw them! :)


  4. Good gosh, how can one pick a favorite. I’ve got to stop looking at them. They are so light you don’t know you have them on. People, especially quilters, just love them. I’ve never owned so many earrings as I have now. Stop it….I can’t afford it….teehee


  5. Two and four. And thank you for the explanation as to why you can’t do them on point. Round would also be a pain in the …, I assume.


  6. I ilike two and five and would definitely wear them, but I’m hoping for a purple churn dash pair, too! I wear lots of browns, golds, rusts – and what about a mini-landscape? Oh, the wheels are turnin’

    Thank you for pictures of Alaska cruise – I envy the quilters who could join you this trip. Will you be doing it again, when I’ve finished my year of programming for my guild?


  7. I like 4, 5 and 6, in that order. Nothing to wear with the aqua/black color scheme! I’m on my way to find the website-there’s no link in the email. Kath


  8. I like 4,5 and 6 as well as MaryAnn but then I’m a Red Hatter and tend to buy lots of Red and Purple items!! Wish this page took us to the entire collection!


  9. I love 2 because it looks sort of kaleidoscopic (if that’s a word!), and I love kaleidoscopes. And I love 4 because it’s just so darned pretty and flowery!! I think #4 would look nice as a round earring, too.


  10. I wear clips not pierced. I appreciate that part of the charm of these is the dangle, but can they be made in a clip style?


    1. Mary Lee-

      The answer is yes.- BUT I havent found a satisfactory way yet- There is NO glue that will just attach the charms to a clip-permanently–I have tried. When I tested them I was not pleased with the results.

      I have not totally given up on it either.

      Thanks for asking.


  11. I love them all but wonder if she could put the hangers in the corner to make a “diamond” shape….. much like the shreddies… lol….



    1. Sue-
      Please see reply #27- it explains why hanging from the corners- cant be done YET.
      I have also attempted to make them in a true diamond shape- but that actually makes the area available to punch the hole in even smaller-thus making it even harder than turning the square on point.

      Glad to know another on point Gal.



  12. Ok, that’s like asking which child I like the best! Depends on the day…..

    I purchased several pairs from the first post for Christmas gifts and the only way I have kept from keeping all of them for myself is to “hid” them in the gift pile! They are all beautiful – I think you deserve all of them!!!!!

    Do you have any interest in selling them in a quilt shop???


    1. Quilt Shops-Thats on the expansion plan- for my designs-
      but have to grow this slow and manageable- snd Ami an email to forward to me- and I will respond.

      Thanks for your interest-and good luck with keeping them in hiding.. :)



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