Don’t let me loose with a camera!

Here’s Steve and I in silhouette. We’re leaning over the railing checking out the fish in the Detroit River from the Canadian side. Look closely and you can see the tiny fish in our shadow.

I don’t know what kind they are or where they were going, but there were zillions of them.

This here is Canadian Water, as we had lunch in Windsor, Ontario today, our strange little celebration during the July 4th week-end. We appreciate the USA inside and out.

Straight in front of us was the “Ren Cen” (Renaissance Center) in downtown Detroit. I deleted the picture of the guy zooming by on the speed boat as I had no idea who he was. We did wave to each other however, so I feel a little guilty.

For the rest of the photo album come over and “like” my page on Facebook. Once you do, you can see the Windsor album. Click here.

8 thoughts on “Don’t let me loose with a camera!

  1. love the pictures especially of the reflection with the fish. makes me kind of homesick for Detroit? Looking forward to seeing you in November.


    1. We left him at home. We were back before he woke up. Canada is just a little over an hour away and they don’t like dogs in Italian restaurants there.


  2. On the Chesapeake Bay, nearly all the boaters wave to each other and to people that might be watching from the shore. It’s the friendly thing to do. I wonder if it is the same everywhere? It’s interesting to celebrate Independence Day inside and out!


  3. I also wonder about those of us who don’t Facebook. I’m on the computer so much as it is that I hesitate to get into that mode.


  4. I think the little silver fish are Smelt. Years ago my Dady used to take use fishing for smelt in the Detroit River. Used to catch them with nets and buckets, strainers, what have you. You would come home with tons of them! Scared my sister to death one time when she went to get a drink in the middle of the night and all these little beady eyes were looking up from the sink!


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