Zipper-D-Do-Dah Necklace

Zipper-D-Doo-Dah NecklaceThis is my favorite necklace.

I get more compliments on my $5 Zipper-D-Doo-Dah than any other necklace I’ve ever worn.

I first saw them back in 2004 when I saw another quilter wearing one. I was so excited I almost knocked her over and yanked it off her neck! (I restrained myself, found the supplier, and sold them on my web site until the manufacturer stopped making them.)  Well guess what, the warehouse found another case and I got it!

Now you and I can be twins!

Obviously, this is costume jewelry, but it looks great. I’ve worn mine for years and my neck hasn’t turned green yet.

Looks just like real gold!The Zipper-D-Doo-Dah necklace is made of a length of gold-colored chain about 29″ long. It’s fed through a gizmo that looks just like a real zipper pull. Actually, the chain goes into and out of a little round “deal-y” (sorry to be so technical) with plastic inside that grabs the chain somehow. Two little tear drop things at each end keep the chain from unzipping totally.

Cute, huh?I’ve worn mine zipped up and zipped down. (I think I like “down” better.)

I have no idea what it’s made of so I took it to a jeweler. He curled his nose and said, “gold plate.” For this price there might be one or two molecules of gold on the thing, but I wouldn’t bet on it. More likely its brass with a thin coating of varnish waved over a 3 x 5 card with the word G-O-L-D printed on it. All I know is that it looks like the real deal, sparkles like the real deal, and I think I look terrific in mine!

You need one too. And so do any friends who sew! You will be rewarded for your generosity!

They’re only $5.  That IS amazing! But it gets better. Buy four and get the fifth one FREE if you order before April 5th!

FREE Gift Bag for First 300 Necklaces!

And, the first 300 necklaces will be delivered in a beautiful little organza draw-string gift bag. You pick the color of the bag until we run out of the color you want, in which case I’ll pick the color for you. The gift bag is the only thing you have to decide on. The necklace comes in one color only: fake gold.

Hurry, supplies are limited. Click here to order.

8 thoughts on “Zipper-D-Do-Dah Necklace

  1. I’ve had mine for a few years too and it is a real conversation piece – I prefer zipped down too.
    I just may have to get another one though….hmmm


  2. I’ve had mine since you first put them up for sale and mine is just as pretty as when I first got it. And, I’ve had soooooooo many compliments too when I wear it….. I like mine down also…


  3. I had one in the 1970s – and my Mom had a version that, instead of a zipper pull, it was a golden rose, but works the same way. I don’t know where mine went, but I have hers. But I, too, may have to get another one!


  4. I have earrings that are zipper pulls. I’ve had them for years, so don’t ask … Wouldn’t a Zippy-D-Doo-Dah go just wonderfully? Hhhmmm.


  5. I just ordered mine this morning, and one for my daughter too. It looks like such a fun piece to have..hurry up Mr. Mailman.


  6. Sorry I did not read this email sooner…hope everyone enjoys their new unique jewelry…… Enjoy, Girlfriends !!!!


  7. Thank You Ami, I recieved my necklaces in the mail today, and I am absolutley thrilled. Its better quality than I thought it would be. Now to wait for my daughters birthday in May so she can have hers. I will wear mine to work tomorrow, and I know that I will be getting lots of compliments. Lynne


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