Fur Between My Toes….Grows!

Madison T. Dog here. Again.  I thought I would write again because I am amazing and you probably want to read about me. I would like to tell you things.

I have fur. This is a dog thing. Some of us are hairless, but I have lots of hair. After Mom brushes me she says she can make a new dog out of the hair that falls off me.

I am a Golden Retriever dog. Even if you brush me, 30 seconds later I can walk near your leg and deposit more fur. It kind of jumps right off me. I can’t help it. Mom wears black only when she teaches.  She should buy stock in lint rollers.

This is me resting. I’m resting on Mom and Dad’s bed which I don’t get to do ordinarily unless I am invited up. Sometimes I invite myself up, for example during thunder storms. But, as I am rather bony and expand when I sleep, and don’t care that much who I step on as I make myself comfortable,  I am mostly not allowed on the bed with Mom and Dad

You will notice a lot that my toe fur is quite long. Mom thought it would be fun to return me to my natural state of dogness and so she let my toe fur grow out for a few weeks.

Here’s a better picture. As I stated I am quite hairy.

When I go outside in the winter I bring back little snowballs between my toes. I crunch them off with my teeth. I hope that is not too much information.

On Tuesday Mom said that the experiment of letting my toe hair go wild was over. It was up on the grooming table for me and she trimmed it all off.

She also brushed the rest of me and clipped my nails. And she combed my tail. I look even better than usual. And I smell good too because I had a bath. Mom shampoos me with Bath & Bodyworks shampoo. She told them that at the store but they didn’t seem as happy as they could have been she said.

I am resting some more in this photograph, but my feet are all trimmed.

Furly Yours,


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36 thoughts on “Fur Between My Toes….Grows!

  1. Graceous Madison, You live in such luxury!! On your parents bed yet. Not in my house!! As much as I love you, I would not be happy with you on the bed. But your feet are so nicely trimmed and a bath too. Such luxury!!


  2. Hi Madison,
    We’re furry Goldens, too. Do you have problems on the hard floors when your toe fur is long? Sometimes we slide right down on the floor while we’re waiting for our treat. Trying to run looks pretty funny, too. When that happens, Mom trims our feet and our nails (ugh!). We like to hear about your adventures.
    Furry hugs from Dancer and Caleigh.


  3. What is this big hang up these humans seems to have with fur. We are Black Labs, but you already know that, and we also do our part to keep those people who sell the lint removers in business. Mom gets real agitated when she finds piles of black fur on the floor. We can’t help it, it’s nothing we have control over. But, we do have to give her some credit. In the new house, she got slate tile in the kitchen. If you’ve never seen it, it looks lkind of black. She loves it because it hides black fur.

    Yes, we have shorter fur than you but we leave a little of it everywhere. We think humans should just get over this fur issue.

    Your Loyal Black Lab Fans
    Molly and Abby
    Pine Grove, CA

    p.s.—“I get on any bed I want”, says Abby. Mom covers up the quilts with old bedspreads unless we have company.
    (“Abby isn’t too well behaved if you know what I mean”, says Molly who always sleeps on the floor……always…..)


  4. I understand the hair thing–we have two hairballs–a bearded collie named Maggie and a Briard mix named Duncan. We don’t have dust bunnies, we have tumble weeds. Every morning I go around and do morning hair patrol with the Libbman dustmop. I’ts amazing how much fur falls off from one morning to the next! But the love and joy we get from our furry buddies is more than worth it! It’s grooming week for these two!


  5. What a handsome boy! Clearly, a day at the spa could wear you out. Luckily, you are so good at napping. Keep posting for us. I enjoy Mom’s quilty posts, but yours make me happiest.


  6. Madison = you are beautiful and I wish I could give you a doggy cookie. We would have to ask your Mom first – as that might be against the rules.


  7. I too have a Golden Retriever although, as he is 14, he is mostly golden with only a wee little of the retriever left. Named “Banner” (don’t know why, we’re his second family), he should have been named “Tripper” as he literaly walks in front of me where ever I go. About the furry feet. Living in the north east, we have to trim that fur, especially in the winter. Besides leaving puddles on the hardwood floors, the snow balls collected between Banner’s toes are very painful for him once he’s back inside. Until he can chew them all out, he will limp. Also, any thing used on the walk ways to help melt the snow and ice can be poisonous so we discourage his crewing the accumulation. I actually sit on the floor and use my fingers to work at getting any accumulation out of his paws. Aren’t we suckers for these marvelous beings”;”


  8. Hi Madison,
    You are so lucky not to have tickle toes. My mom likes to trim my furry toes too, but I make sure that there are 2 people and lots of cookies to get my toes done. My brother Chase, AKA Chewbacka the Chewer, hasn’t had to have his toes trimmed yet as he is but a yearling. There has been little snow in our part of NH so he doesn’t know about those big balls in your toes.
    Feather the Golden Diva


  9. I am a new subscriber, love the message Madison. We have a Cairn Terrier, just had her groomed and woke up to snow this morning. We are in Kamloops, B.C., Canada. You look like a wonderful dog.


  10. You know, Madison, that your mom can save that fur she brushes out & have it spun into some nice yarn for a blanket or something.


  11. Hi Madison

    I too have fur between my toes, my Mummy finds it cute and leaves it there. Which I think is kind, it allows me to pick up the most yukky things on my paws and later to suck and suck them making, according to humans, a most unappetizing sound…. Picky, picky, picky…

    I’m NEVER allowed on beds here at home, BUT when I go on holiday to the Vogel’s house they let me sleep in their bed every night. They know what a dog needs, my Mummy needs more training.


  12. You are so handsome Madison. I have a dog too that has fuzzy toes like yours. We don’t get too much snow here in GA but it seems she knew we were going to this year. Her toe fuzzies are the longest they have ever been


  13. If we could put all that trimmed and shed fur – after Madison is through with it – to good use, perhaps as batting, think how very warm THAT quilt would be.


  14. Hi Madison, You look great! Thank you for writing to us today and letting us all see your pictures. You brought a smile to me. Luv you Lynne


  15. Life sure is tough for the”furry” little people – at least that is what my two little Cairn Terrier children imply. They head out the door when the brush comes out – and did I mention they get under the king-size bed, direct center if I even look like I am approaching them and the bath water is on as they know I cannot reach them. I think I should write a book – “Lessons from Brady” as that is one dog who knows what is important in life and it usually involves a pillow. Judy C in NC


  16. Madison, You and my Boxer Ruby are 2 peas in a pod. She leaves little red hairs all over everything and she loves to be “invited ” up on our bed. I love your mom’s blog, but yours is lots of fun too.


  17. Hi Madison! This is Arlo here, the demented Dalmatian. You gotta teach your humans better. I’ve found that a good cold nose to the back in the middle of the night will bring about the desired response. That is, Mom automatically lifts the quilts so I can crawl over her and take up real estate between her and Dad. Try it sometime.

    You can tell your mom that she hasn’t see shedding till she’s seen how much fur a Dalmatian leaves behind. Even Dad’s chair at work has little white hairs and I’ve never been there, honest.

    As for thunder storms, I’m with you buddy. They’re evil. Almost as evil as the dreaded toaster. At least thunderstorms don’t make the smoke alarm go off. I’ll share some of my valium with you….maybe.


  18. Welll-I have hair, not fur(bishons do not have fur you know, but Mom does not get it)-but, even though I am little, only 12 pounds, my Mom and Dad make me sleep in my “box”. Gee, wonder if it is because I am only 18 months old and at 4AM I want to get up and play. They think I don’t know how cute I am with my hair all grown out because I have not had a hair cut for 3 months. Shussh–I don’t want an hair cut. Love you all, especially my buddy Madison. Jake


  19. Hi Madison-
    So, are you part Clydesdale? From down here it’s hard to tell. We don’t really have fur between our toes but we have a cousin that does. He’s a Norwegian Forest Cat and needs as much fur as he can possibly stand to stay warm, so he can play outside in the Norwegian Forest, whatever that is!! Some sad news, he just lost his brother and he is very lonely. Maybe his Mom will get him another baby brother or sister soon.

    You’ve probably guessed by now that we are your kitty friends from Dallas. We are very spoiled so we really don’t understand that your Mom has to “invite” you before you are allowed on the bed. Oh Please!! We’d be leaving lots and lots of hairballs everywhere if our Mom tried to keep us from something we really wanted to do. If you want, we can come visit and leave hairballs on your Mom’s bed until she wisens up and changes the rules. Just send the plane fare to Dallas and we’ll see you soon. Don’t forget to stock up on the catnip!!

    Love you Madison-
    Shadow & Shakespeare


  20. Madison,

    Your mom is a good groomer! Lucy gets her toe hair trimmed by me with Wahl clippers. She’s very good when I have to do it, but boy, her toes don’t look nearly as nice as yours! You should tip your mom. Maybe a couple of kisses!


  21. Oh, my goodness, all that fur just makes you extra cooshy-cuddly! Do you know that Dalmations shed worst of all dogs, and they have such short hair!
    My little chihuahua, Shadow Dante, thinks you are beautiful and says, “Hola!”


  22. Dear Madison,
    I am a Great Dane-Pointer mix and my mommy also likes to complain when she brushes enough hair to make a mini-me off me and then I proceed to walk all over the living room shaking off even more hair all over her nice clean floor (why does she bother sweeping, I wonder?). Baths don’t help– in fact they seem to have some sort of magical hair regenerating power and then not only am I shaking hair all over the floor but also large amounts of water. I don’t like baths. They make me upset with my mommy and then I slink around the house with my tail between my legs hiding under tables until she gives me a delicious ginger snap! I don’t have any toe fur, but I do have sleepy seeds that constantly come out of my eyes and if I am a good boy, mommy lets me lick them off her fingers when she wipes them off! Everyone she knows thinks this is disgusting, but I say they wouldn’t know delicious if it was a tasty little squirrel squirming right in front of their nose.
    I am a big fan of yours. Let’s form a doggy coalition for the Advancement of House Hair Shedding. We’ll call it AHHS. Our mommys will be mad, but only until we do adorable things like rolling on our backs with all our paws in the air and our mouths wide open. And then they’ll forget all about it. Until the next time they have to sweep the floor.

    Solidarity sister!
    Jack Kerouac Brick, doggy extraordinaire.


  23. Hi Madison, I love your blog and look forward to reading it each and every time. I just lost my best fury friend and reading your adventures in dogdom helps alot. Thanks


  24. Dear Madison – I think you should start your own fan club. It’s obvious that “fur children” everywhere love you and offer good advice and tips, especially about how to show thier humans who is reallyin charge. Perhaps a Dog Blog? I am now the resident cat in Lovely Zion, IL. I sleep on the bed at all times, and if a human gets in my way, I just walk right over him, or her. Your Friend, Ashes, the Pastel Calico


  25. Madison,
    Love your articles and your photos. You are beautiful, toe hair and all. I have toe hair, too, and mom clips it when she trims my nails. I wonder if we are related? I’m a golden retriever, too, but my new sister is a yellow lab. She tries to shed as much as I do and she is getting close. Mom says her fur is harder to vacuum up cuz it’s so short. We don’t get on the bed (I go under it to sleep at night, though. And when the vacuum runs), but we get to go on the sofa to cuddle and to look out the window to watch for our neighborhood friends (and critters). Keep writing the great articles and attach pics whenever you can.

    DaisyMae (and my sister, Hunny)


  26. HI Madison, love your updates! My Mom has to swiffer the floor before she cooks or bakes because my fluffy fur ‘floats’ and gets all over the kitchen counters and floor. I’m an English Springer Spaniel, and I get to sleep wherever I want!


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