Take Your Quilt To Work Day

I just made that up. Pretty cool, huh?

From here on out, and forever more, the first Friday of every month shall be known as “Take Your Quilt To Work Day.” I figure I can do that because I just googled  TAKE YOUR QUILT TO WORK DAY and on all the web pages in all the world that particular phrase came up NOT THERE. Zip. Nada. Nothing. Therefore I claim it on behalf of all quilters everywhere! Let the fun begin!

Here’s how you celebrate Take Your Quilt To Work Day:

1. On the first Friday of every month, find a quilt. Any quilt. Finished or not.  Take it to work.

2.  At some appropriate time of the day, when you will not get fired, flap out your quilt and announce with a big smile, “This is what I do for fun!”

3. Grin, enjoy the admiration of others, and encourage everyone within earshot to learn to quilt. Repeat next month.

Get a snapshot of your personal Take A Quilt To Work Day event, post it online, and put the URL in a comment so we can all enjoy you, your quilt, and the happy onlookers.

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29 thoughts on “Take Your Quilt To Work Day

  1. That sounds like fun-if you are retired, where would be a good place to take the quilt-local quilt store? senior citizen center? open for suggestions


  2. too funny….I work with ALL guys but I do make them look at the quilts as I get then done. They are very nice about it and they LOVED the fish quilt I made for my 12 year old grandson who is quite the fisherman. (wonder why)

    Love reading all your blogs!


  3. I already do – have 3 hanging in my office. Usually change them every 2 months. The CEO bugs me to change them. Calls it his art show.


  4. I currently have 3 quilts at work – a Halloween-themed crib quilt looking for a home, my daughter’s doll quilt left behind on her last visit to the office, and a wall hanging made from my first-ever attempt at paper-piecing. Plus the quilted jacket my Mom made for me. And the tote bag. And the little box with my English paper piecing that I’m playing with.


  5. Ah, but I’m retired! I have no work to go to (and I’m SO happy about that!!!) but when I did work I did take a quilt occasionally. I taught second grade and when we had a book to read that had a quilt in it, I’d bring quilts as examples! Now my exercise group gets to experience my new quilts as I bring them along to the workout every once in a while.


  6. Sounds like a great idea ! I also took my quilt to the hospital with me when I was a patient. It made me feel better. And the nurses all liked to come look at it.


  7. I already have wall hangings that I change as the mood strikes, but I love the idea of a quilt draped across the visitor chair in my office – although, it may lead to an unintended nap – during lunch of course.


  8. Great idea – am forwarding to my daughter who I finally convinced to try quilting – this will be her second year going on retreat with me to Tennessee – Holloways. Great place for a week retreat.


  9. Great idea, Ami! I don’t bring my quilts to work that regularly but do share what I’ve completed with my friends at work. Many women on campus quilt and share their projects. Student Development on campus has a quilt project for new first-year students each year, where families are asked to design a quilt square for their daughter. The squares are displayed for the entire year and it is a project our campus community looks forward to each year. Here is a link explaining the project:(http://www1.csbsju.edu/parentrelations/quilt.htm).


  10. Great idea! I work in a quilt shop, though, so I always take my quilts to work. If you don’t work, I would say definitely take a quilt to the quilt shop, we love show and tell! Schools are a great place to take quilts, kids love them. Any captive audience will do, people really do like quits!


  11. I am retired, but volunteer on Saturdays at our local Chamber of Commerce information booth. My husband calls me the “info babe”. During the winter months here in the Mount Washington Valley of NH, we are not extremely busy and I have time to take a quilt into the booth. I have made many quilt friends by doing that.
    Love the idea you came up with, Gail in NH


  12. Suggestions for the retired folks could be:

    church- after the session is over :)

    schools- ask the art teacher if you can make a presentation- maybe you can recruit new quilters through the students!

    YWCA or other places people gather to have fun

    Quilt shop- why not show everyone in your favorite store just what you did with all that fabric you bought?

    Family gatherings- Okay, so maybe this won’t be once a month, but it’s still nice to show off a little in front of the family!


  13. I always have a season quilt hanging in my dungeon … I mean office …. and I bring in my latest to show off to close co-workers. yesterday when I brought in my heavily beaded and embellished peacock one of the engineers asked “Are those all hot glued on there?”

    *sigh* Oh well, baby steps. Besides, my engineers DO like their electric tools and toys.


  14. I always have a quilt or two hanging up at work! I change them every month. I try to have one that reflects the current month – bunnies for Easter, school bus for September, etc. I have the most for Halloween and Christmas quilts, so I may end up having 3 hanging up at a time! I love getting compliments on my work and I love sharing the different techniques – I try to do a little of everything – piecing and applique. I’m always amazed that the majority of people like the quilts w/ the panel in the middle (w/ only a couple of borders). I’m sure they just like the “picture” on the panel. Some people appreciate the needle turn applique, though, too. Everyone who has a baby (and even a new grandparent) gets a quilt from me. I always have a project to work on and get to try a variety of patterns and techniques.


  15. Now I know why I haven’t been able to settle on my next quilting project–my grandmother was my quilting teacher and my biggest cheerleader. She always wanted to know what I was working on and loved to see my projects as I worked on them and I looked forward to sharing them with her. She passed away last October…


  16. Great idea! I bring one every time I finish one. I tell everyone it is “show & tell” time! They seem to love it.


  17. What a great idea! And then stop at your favorite quilt shop on your way home and show the staff there too. As one of those quilt shop staff, I get to take my quilts to work all the time. I also get to enjoy all the Show and Tell. My shop is Calico Gals in Syracuse NY. http://www.calicogals.com


  18. I just took a quilt to church. One of my dear friends deceided
    to buy it from me.(after church of course).
    This was Feb. 28th.
    It was to be a charity quilt. I guess I ended up being the


  19. Since I only do “home work” now, I’ll ask my daughter if she would like to take a quilt to work. Great idea.


  20. This will be very easy to remember because my guild meets on the First Thursday of the month . . . unless of course, the 1st is the 1st Friday and then I’ll just have to remember. Oh yea and first I’ll need to find a job . . . but after that, I’m all set to move forward with your fabulous idea.


  21. I helped start a quilting circle at our church, so every Friday morning, we all take a quilt to church or work on the one already there. Last Sunday we gave a quilt to a mission group going off to the wilds of …the United States. Hope those Americans like our work.
    We have set up the frame after church on a Sunday and asked people to try it. Another great way to show others quilting.


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