Dog Gets New Job, Economic Recovery Sure To Follow

Hello! Madison T. Dog here, blogging because Mom is hip deep in striped fabric from the previous blog. Thank you for your help, by the way, she was driving me nuts.

I’m here with good news. I got a job. It’s kind of a volunteer thing. I don’t get a kibble increase. But I came up with the idea on my own. I believe in showing initiative.

You see sometimes I get to go on errands. I’m not allowed to get out of the car much because I’m not allowed in too many places besides pet stores and the vet. I highly prefer the former over the later even though I get more treats from my doggie doctor.  They love me there, but I digress.

Mom went to buy office supplies and I waited in the car. Mom sets her watch for 10 minutes because she’ll only let me stay by myself in the car for that long, and never during the summer. The anti-theft device is locked onto the steering wheel, the doors are locked, she takes the keys, and then she shakes her finger at me and says, ” And don’t hot wire the car like last time.” This is for the benefit of people who might be exiting  their cars on either side of our car. They usually laugh.  Mom’s so funny.

So anyway, back to my job. I often walk to the back of the car and make sure she gets to wherever she is going. Then I lay back down again. This time I sat on Mom’s seat instead. I just like being near her. And when she is not there I like being near where she used to be.

I curled up in a little dog ball and when she came back to the car and sat down (I moved out of the way first) she said it was all toasty warm! Mom has been wanting heated seats in the car forever, and now she has them, courtesy of me.

Now when she takes me to a parking lot she asks me to Up-Up on her seat and lay down so it will be warm. (I may ask to pre-heat the sofa for her, but I don’t think she’s going to go for that.)

I live to serve. Or, if I figure out how to hot wire the car then I will live to swerve.

Yours in fur,

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35 thoughts on “Dog Gets New Job, Economic Recovery Sure To Follow

  1. Dear Madison,
    If you are going to be employed, at least use the correct verb.
    You LIE down on the seat. You LAY your ball on the floor.

    love, Molly Bulken, Golden Retriever


  2. Madison, what a good idea you came up with, heated seats are quite comfortable. I am so glad you are looking out for Moms comfort, you do think of her before yourself. I do think a small increase in kibble or at least a tasty treat is in order. I’ll try to put in a good word for you. Hugs and scratches to you, Robin


  3. Do you tutor? I sure would like my Brady to lie in my car seat or on the sofa during the winter.
    I came up with your summer job -run under the sprinklers or jump into the water and shake all over your mommy to cool her off. She would really love you.


  4. You are so lucky. My mom only lets me warm the rug by the back door, and even then it has to be below 10 degrees. Luckily this winter has been so lousy (in NE Nebraska) that she’s even let me spend a few nights indoors, isn’t she nice? I got brave enough to spend a few evenings on the rug by her chair while she watched tv, but I didn’t get brave enough to try and warm her chair. Besides, I’m so old I’d need a ramp to get on it :-)


  5. Hi Madison! What a nice job for you. I’m sure your Mom is very appreciative of a warm seat; I sure would be. Sure wish we lived closer to each other as my leather car seats are SO cold!

    Have a great weekend!

    Karen from Saline, MI


  6. What a good, multi-purpsose dog you are! And what’s with Molly and her verb issues? Good grief, you can type!! Give a guy a break!

    Samson the Pom


  7. Madison,
    You are such a good role model for all of us trying to figure out what we want to be when we grow up–

    Bloom where you are planted must be one of your favorite sayings!

    Have a grand day.


  8. Madison, you ROCK! I didn’t realize I am a working cat. I lie down (let’s be grammatically correct) at the foot of Mom’s bed and warm it up for her before she goes to bed My brother Spike (the other cat) lies on her feet while she quilts. She loves me best!


  9. Well, Madison, we think you are one clever dog—-a seat warmer, who would have thought???? Mom and Dad let us ride in the car, too and we thought that in light of your new job we would pass along a tip.

    Our rides are usually long ones since we still have an old house to take care of and need to visit it from time to time. (we heard they were going to “sell” it) Anyway (it’s sure easy to get off topic when you’re a dog……) It is our job to protect the car when they need to stop. Believe us, it is always filled to the brim with their important (?) stuff. Since there are two of us, one can sleep and one can be “on alert” at all times. We have shifts.. Anyway, at lunch we get paid with hamburgers from McDonald’s, double cheeseburgers off the $1 menu. They are delicious and do you know that we can eat them in one bite?

    Yes, jobs in cars are great! Just be sure you get your benefits, iif you know what we mean……

    p.s.–when you figure that hot wire thing, let us know as we would like to take the car for a spin…….

    Molly and Abby
    Your loyal Black Lab Fans
    Pine Grove, CA


  10. Madison, you are such a good dog….your mommy is lucky to have you. Especially now that she has a seat warmer. *But* don’t let her talk you into sitting on the seat in cold weather before the car has warmed up…you’d be cold and she’d get a warm seat.


  11. Hi Madison,
    Love your new job. My dad “employed” me several months ago, but then I’m just a young pup about to have my first birthday. When my mom has ladies over to sew, I help by picking up fabric that they drop on the floor. I really like doing that especially when they have to give me a cookie to get their fabric back. That job really pays well!!
    Chase the Golden, AKA Chewbaca


  12. Hi Madison, I just love to read your emails, they always make me laugh. I have a little princess of my own and she makes me laugh too. Sandi


  13. Madison, you are brilliant – even if it happened accidentally. I use my dog as a hot water bottle on cold evenings- you may mention how useful that is to your mother.


  14. Oh Madison I wish you lived closer and could give my bulldog Spike a few lessons. You see he is afraid in the car and always rides in the back seat with his head buried into the corner. Look out? Oh no, thats terrifying and he’d never get in the front seat even when the car isn’t moving…thats the thing of nightmares for him.


  15. Dear Madison, I always look forward to your blogs. I’ve never met a dog with so so much to say, such wit, flair, and good nature. Anytime your mom needs a dog-sitter, just drop me a line.
    Your fan,


  16. Hi Madison

    If you’re looking for employment I can recommend the perfume industry. I have developed.- “Soggy Doggy” the timeless fragrance, as worn by Charley – hoping to get a large contract for it soon. :-))

    With woofy regards
    Your Pal Charley in Germany


  17. A Good One, Madison.

    I wonder if you shake your body (to get rid of excess water, like rain or a (shudder) shower or bath) when you get the command “Shake”? That’s what I used to do – it helped MY mom a lot. She didn’t know about heated seats then.

    Slurpy tongue kiss to you.

    Kyra (with some help from a fingered friend)

    Oh, and that’s true about “lie” and “lay” – I think that Molly was just trying to put you yet another cut above the rest… 8-)


  18. Hi Madison! Shiny here. ( OK. So my official name was Sunshine Lady the 23rd, my people were so clueless about naming their fur kids! ). Anyway, I’ve been here at the bridge for a while now. It’s a really nice place. Sort of what people think of as heaven I guess. We have lots of time to whatever we want to here. The internet access is great and we also a super library where we can look up things in all sorts of languages. While I was in there today I happened to be looking in the official canine language encyclopedia and see that while people may lie down to rest, when dogs recline the proper term is lay. I guess dogs just don’t lie in any form and think maybe that’s why our people get so attached to us . :)

    Have you been helping your Mom with counting all those votes on the spools? Way more than I could have counted with my ten front toes and ten back toes! I could count some on the tail wags too but not nearly enough for all of those.

    Nuff of this. Hope to read some more from you later.


  19. Dear Madison,

    Your posts to the blog always brighten my day! Congratulations on your new employment. You showed initiative, and that always looks good on your resume’! A nice belly-rub to you!



  20. You are so helpful. We expect our mom to warm the seat for us or let us lay on her warm body (couch not car). We weigh 7-1/2 # each and one of us doesn’t have much fur.

    Peaches and Hobbs (the shivering one)


  21. A note from Great Dane Lacey: My mommy loves to take me shopping too. She found that my breath keeps the car warm in the winter while she goes to the store. I don’t mind at all as I love to watch the shoppers in the parking lot.

    Tail wags to you, Lacey


  22. Dear Madison,

    I’m a St. Bernard that Mom rescued a couple years ago. I was an outside dog, but I now live in the house. It took my Mom a while, but she finally convinced me that lying on the sofa with my head in her lap was just fine with her. Now, I believe floors are only for walking. It’s great to be a city girl.



  23. Madison, you are the “best.” I look forward to hearing from you. I read your posts to my family members and friends so they can enjoy your pearls of wisdom. Love Ya Bunches.


  24. Ok, so I have to tell you what I thought the new job was, before reading the story. I first looked at the photo and the title. With my aging eye sight and the small picture, I couldn’t tell right away that the white thing near the steering wheel was a little stuffed animal. To me it looked like a white plastic bag tied onto the turn signal arm. So I figured that Madison was on guard dog duty in the front seat, and as an added deterrent, a bag of his little “gifts” was tied to the steering wheel.
    His actual job sounds much better. But maybe the other is worth a try…


  25. Madison,

    You need to train your Mom! My Mom has heated seats. When it is cold, or even just a little bit cool, she heats the seats until she is roasted so that I will have a warm place to roost until she gets back. In Wyoming, she can do this about 8 or 9 months out of the year. And in the unheated back seat, I have a special cushion between me and the cold.

    Nacho (spoiled Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier)


  26. Dear Madison. I love your articles in your mom’s newsletters. In fact my mom thinks you are most talented and is kinda on me to do something besides lying around the house all the time. I did hop up in her lap yesterday while she was using that noisy machine and playing with a bunch of fabic pieces. She didn’t think she needed my help so made me sit in the computer chair instead. Keep up the good work – Buddy, the papillon


  27. Madison, I’m impressed that your Mom lets you on the front seat. You sure are special. Mine makes me stay in the back, but she made me a beautiful blankie – it’s fleece, the golden color of my fur, and has lots and lots of kittens printed on it. It’s my FAVE!

    Bodie Mitchell, Golden Retriever, Ottawa Canada


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