Thank you, Tiffany!

You have proven...The words embroidered on the top and bottom inner borders of the quilt I just finished say:

“You have proven that the actions of a single person can make a profound difference in the lives of others. Thank you!”

I pieced the quilt and embroidered those words during the 27 days that my mother was in hospice last year.

This quilt is a gift for the young woman who took such very good care of my mother at the Alzheimer’s facility where she lived for the last three years of her life.

Tiffany cared for my mother amidst very trying circumstances, with kindness, compassion and devotion. It was Tiffany who “brought her back to life” on more than one occasion, getting Mom to eat, and to move again after falls that would have surely ended her life hed Tiffany not have been there.

Tiffany stayed at Mom’s bedside after Jennie and I were summoned from Houston, so she wouldn’t be alone until we got there. She did this on her own time after her shift had ended, off the clock, as a friend.

Tiffany's QuiltThe names of  18 of the residents who lived with Mom are inked on the wrong side of 2″ x 6″ purple fabric in the middle of Tiffany’s Quilt. They are sashed and bordered with fabric that my mother hand dyed. I used the pillowcase from her bed as the backing. The embroidery floss was my grandmother’s and great grandmother’s.

I quilted funky feathers in the outside border, hanging hearts in the sashing, and various meandering stitches among the names.

Thank you!I gave Tiffany the quilt top after Mom died and, in typical quilter fashion, told her I had to have it back to finish it. Embarrassingly, that was more than a year ago!

It is finally finished and I get to give Tiffany her quilt today!

Between the piecing and the quilting, Tiffany now works  part-time for me at Mallery Press, is a volunteer for the AAQI, and a caregiver for a gentleman with Alzheimer’s. In her spare time she goes to college, races cars , and works at Ba Doy Ow! I am honored to have her as a friend.

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39 thoughts on “Thank you, Tiffany!

  1. That beautiful quote is perfect . . . THANK YOU for sharing the quilt and the story and how the relationships have grown and flourished . . .

    Blessings to you as you continue your mission to enlighten, encourage, educate, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE for so many ~ one idea, one stitch, one quilt at a time . . .



  2. Ami.. I agree.. those special caregivers are nothing short of Angels. We had a young lady that was my mothers Angel while she was in an Alzheimer Unit and although we spent as much time as we could, we knew she was in good hands when we were not present. They are truly Gods Blessings.


  3. What a beautiful remembrance. I am sure she will treasure it through out the years. Not only to remember your family but to also remember the importance we can make in a life. We all need to remember that we can and do make a difference in the lives of our loved ones and in the ones at work and at play that we are around. May God bless the Tiffany’s in our lives.


  4. Ami, you continue to touch and amaze me. You are truly an example to all of us, quilters and non-quilters alike, with your thoughtfulness, talent, and generous spirit. I’m also sending a hug to Tiffany because she appears to exhibit those very same qualities. Beebee was lucky to have you both! Then again, I’m sure it was HER very same spirit that inspired you! How I wish I had known her, and look forward to each and every story you tell. Love you, debi


  5. Wonderful story, Ami. Thanks for introducing us to Tiffany. I sometimes am discouraged by young people I encounter so I’m especially glad to read of someone like her. I know there are many like her out there and it’s good to hear of them.


  6. What a beautiful and wonderful way to say thanks for all the extra time, energy – love! You are fulfilling what many of us have only good intentions of doing. Keep it up! Dianna


  7. What a heart warming reading!
    There’s a lot of love put into that quilt and I’m sure at times it was very difficult for you to do.

    Tiffany, what an angel you are…….and what “spare time”?


  8. What a lovely gift! It is so typical of you to do something like that for her. I am glad she was able to enrich your Mother’s life and is now enriching yours, as well.


  9. Beautiful quilt and sentiments! Thank you for sharing and reminding all of us that we can make a difference to someone by the way we treat them, care for them, or even thank them.


  10. Everyone should have a “Tiffany” in their lives. What a joy she must be to everyone who knows her. And what a wonderful way to remember your mom.


  11. What an uplifting and remarkable story. There are angels out there just waiting to be of service; you were truly lucky to have found Tiffany, and I’m sure she feels lucky to have found you and your mom. Blessings to all.


  12. What a wonderful way to honor the dedicated angel who cared for your mother. It takes a special person to care for Alzheimer’s patients. I know that Tiffany will cherish her quilt.

    There a were two special angels who worked at the care facility and took care of Mom in her last year of Alzheimer’s. I knew I could count on them to take good care of her when I was unable to be there.

    The hosipice workers also were angels. They were always there when I needed them.

    Mom passed on December 17 and was laid to rest on December 21, 2009. This was truly a bittersweet Christmas.


  13. What a fitting “thank you” for Tiffany! She went above-&-beyond and is surely doing a job that she’s so very well suited for, one that requires a loving heart and empathy for what others are going through. You, Ami, are wonderful for reminding Tiffany of the importance of her contributions of time and love in such a graphic way. May she be warmed by your gift and, when she’s going through tough times, remember how very special the rest of us know her to be.


  14. What a truly wonderful and touching story, Ami. My long-time friend whom I cared for for almost four years is now in an Alzheimer’s facility and the staff is so wonderful and caring. These people are truly angels.She is adjusting well and I feel comfort knowing she is in such good hands.


  15. What a beautiful story, Ami. It is truly a shame that you do not have a son she could marry and then you would really be family forever.. She is a treasure for sure and someone you would want to nurture and be long life friends with.


  16. Thank you for sharing this with all of us–what a special young woman this is, and you are special for making such a lovely quilt for her and for all you are doing for the search for a cure.


  17. What an incredicably inspiring young woman Tiffany is! She is truly the person that each of us would want as a friend. How wonderful that she is now part of Mallery Press, Thanks for sharing this with all of us.


  18. Ami, you are your Mother’s daughter. She was a caring and helpful person. Tiffany is an angel – there are others like her but we don’t know them all. We are thankful for all of them. Your quilt is a wonderful tribute to your Mother and a special gift for a very caring person


  19. Tiffany is a true friend. You are lucky to have her. At the hospice where I volunteer we use, if possible, a clothing item of the resident to make a “teddy bear” for the hospice or the family if they’d like it. Wonderful memories.


  20. OK…now I can’t see to type. This is why I teach CNAs. I remind them everyday of the training “They can be the one that makes a difference in the lives of those they care for.” Thank you for sharing. Do you mind if I share this story with my classes?


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