February 8th is “Miso Soup Monday”

Miso SoupI’m predicting that Monday, February 8th is going to be cold and miserable. I think I’ll want soup for lunch, just to warm me up.

I’ve already made plans to go to Ba Doy Ow, my favorite Taiwanese restaurant in Flint to have miso soup.  Actually, it’s the ONLY Taiwanese restaurant in Flint, but let’s not split hairs. Grab a quilt and come along. You are all invited!

Yi-lan has extended the “Take Your Quilt To Lunch Special” to include our visit on February 8th. And I’m bringing a very special quilt to present to a very special person that day at Ba Doy Ow. Please come and join me for lunch and for the quilt presentation. If you don’t like miso soup, there are lots of other delicious things to pick from on the menu.

If you don’t want to drive in from Colorado, well…. I understand. We’ll miss you!

19 thoughts on “February 8th is “Miso Soup Monday”

  1. Sounds good to me but I’m opting for a big pot of red beans and rice on Monday to celebrate the Saints’ victory on Sunday☺


  2. Honestly, you and my sister are the only real reasons I would want to move back north to Michigan . . . wish I could join ya’ll on Monday for soup and silliness, but I’d never make it back to my desk in time.


  3. I’ve been told red beans and rice is a New Orleans special “soup”. I”ll be celebrating too. Won’t be driving from Oregon to join you all though. Have a fantastic bowl of Miso Soup and quilt share.


  4. That Miso soup looks a lot more filling than the Japanese Miso soup!
    In fact, that almost looks like saimen……….and you now have me drooling.
    Will be having minor surgery on Monday, but will be there in spirit.



  5. Sounds wonderful!! BUT – I’m afraid I’ll be snowed in here in Virginia – for the third time in 2 months. Guess I’ll just have to make a pot of soup and sit by my logs with my quilts.


  6. It sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could come! Please post a photo of the quilt presentation, for those of us who are nosey but not able to be there.
    Ami’s “celebrations” are always fun!!!


  7. Sounds like fun. Wish I lived closer. We are getting snow and there is a lot of snow and ice between me and Flint. Maybe after the spring thaw!!!


  8. OOOOOOOOO! Miso soup sounds so good. The distance from West Palm Beach, FL is all that stands in my way! Enjoy and let us know how the day goes. Maybe I can go to a local Taiwanese restaurant and join you vicariously.


  9. Mary, you and my friend Lucy should meet – if you haven’t – she wrote me all about the Buddy parade with 8000 men all wearing dresses to celebrate the Saints’ victory! She has shared some of her recipes with me and they are Dee-Lish-Uss.

    Besides, it is too far to drive from Fort Washington, PA, for soup, though it might be worth it to see the quilt…I have a quilt made of Ami’s scraps…nice scraps…


  10. That “very special person” is getting a very special quilt! Hope someone remembers to bring a camera that day. And yes, sorry, it is too far to drive back from Colorado Have an extra of those steamed, stuffed yummy balls (can’t remember their name) and raise your needles to salute all the AAQI quilters.


  11. The weather is still nice right now in Colorado…Not that I wouldn’t love to come see the quilt presentation… Have a nice lunch party and enjoy some soup for the rest of us!


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