Redneck Tape Measure

Redneck Tape MeasureMy friend and fellow quilting instructor Kathy Kansier showed me her “Redneck Tape Measure” when we recently taught at the same quilting conference this summer.

Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy.

She takes a few inches of 1/4″-wide masking tape and wraps it around the thumb of her dominant hand.  Instant measuring tool and literally stuck to you so you can’t misplace it.

As you pick up a piece of fabric to confirm a 1/4″ seam allowance you no longer have to hunt for a ruler or measuring tape. Just line it up with your thumb!Pinch and measure!

Is this not the slickest trick!? Just pinch and go!

Kathy Kansier is a quilting instructor from Ozark, Missouri.

Thanks, Kathy!

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16 thoughts on “Redneck Tape Measure

  1. WOW! This will be a great thing to use when you are doing small stems and needleturn applique to make sure your stems are all the same width. THANK YOU!


  2. This falls into the category of “why didn’t I think of that!” Thanks for sharing with the pix so it’s easy to get (“git”).♠


  3. I don’t think Jeff would mind – it’s all about the practicality of something and using your creativity. Neat idea, Kathy!


  4. At least it can’t be misplaced like an index card can. Will have to pass it on to the award winning quilter that lives next to me here in Myrtle Beach, SC


  5. I LOVE Kathy’s idea, and it’s CHEAP, too. :) Ami, I was in Des Moines the whole week. My friend won 1st. place in the contest she entered from a magazine., & she asked me to join her. I was really excited to go. I have told my friends at home what a wonderful time we had. I won’t tell you how much I spent, and just HAD to have it. I just put in an order for that special bag, & 2 more. I guess I’m impulsive. Hope to see you again, and I’m really looking forward to getting your newsletters.
    Thank you.


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