7 thoughts on “Subversive Stitchers

  1. Thanks for including this with your blog. It was most informative. I knew how you got into the Alzhei’mer’s initiative but not in such detail. Keep up the good work, AMI. My yougest son passed away in June and it was our choise to have memorials go to the Alzheimer’s Assn. Every llittle bit helps.


  2. Ami, Thanks for modestly sharing this wonderful interview. So wonderful to see the pictures of your mom and hear the whole story once more.


  3. Ami,
    As your longtime friend and creative partner from time to time, I thought I knew your mother’s history, but this blog told me even more. Thanks so much for sharing. My heart continues to go out to you.


  4. Thanks Ami, for sharing all of this with us. I am fascinated by the fabric that has your diary of your mothers jurney through “hell”. Is this fabric available to the public?

    No, I just direct printed it on fabric.


  5. Thank you for sharing this interview. Some of the details of your mom’s wonderful productive life were new to me and I’m so glad to learn more about her. Keep up the good work.


  6. It is always good to hear from you, Ami. I, too, am happy that your efforts are getting more and more exposure. You are an inspiration and I love all that you do and say. Your newsletter and your blog has informed me and brightened my day. Thank you for being you, and I am grateful that your mom did such a wonderful job of shaping you into who you are now. God bless.



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