Dog Celebrates Birthday!

Madison T. DogMadison T. Dog here. I hope you missed me.

It was my birthday on July 14th. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want anybody to go to a lot of trouble. A little trouble would have been OK, just not a lot of trouble.

I was happy to let the day pass sitting out under the tree in the back yard sniffing  things or rolling in bunny presents, but Mom and Dad had other ideas.

They took me on a car trip!

We do this every summer because it’s so much fun to be near me 24/7.   I had a pre-trip bath and everything. Daddy took out BOTH middle seats in the van so that I could have all the room I could possibly want. The van was born the same year as I was, 2001. I have gray hair; the van has rust. It also rattles. To my knowledge I do not rattle, although my toes occasionally click against the kitchen floor. I find this quite melodious. Mom does not. Dad doesn’t mind. Dad and I do lots of things to please Mom.

I don’t remember exactly where we went or how long it took to get there because I like to sleep in the car, but the picture of me and Mom’s leg was taken at the Virginia Barbeque Company which, by my calculations, could be in Virginia. Mom and Dad enjoyed eating at one of the outdoor tables as we all watched the traffic go by. (I don’t eat barbeque or other people food except ice.)

Mt Joy, PA We stayed the night at a very nice pet-friendly B & B in Mt. Joy, PA on the first night. B & B stands for Bed & Breakfast, unless you’re a dog and in which case it means Floor & Kibble. And Mom brings the kibble.

Mom and I had several very nice walks around town. It’s a very old town and the houses and shops come right up to the road. There was just enough for us. Mom thought the planters downtown were very quilty, so instead of any good pictures of me, we have pictures of the dumb planters.

Mt Joy dishesThe next day we went walking around the neighborhoods. I am standing in front of my favorite house. The people must not like washing dishes. After dinner they stick them out in the flowerbeds.  We thought that was way cool. Doesn’t my foot look nice? Mom trims my nails and all the toe fur in between. I know, TMI.

WheelAfter our walk, we continued in whatever direction we were driving because Daddy had a great big surprise for us. He likes to do that. 

Here’s a hint of what we did next, can you figure it out from the picture?

OK, I’ll tell you. We went to Lancaster County to sniff Amish things! It was fabulous! They have very large dogs, called horses which I am mostly terrified of, except they smell SO-O-O delicious. Mom said that even if their presents were in the middle of the road, they were OFF LIMITS.  We had a great time looking at farms and fields and then we took a buggy ride! (That’s where the wheel over there came from.)

Mom & Me in the Buggy!BuggyRide2

Mom and Dad saw lots of interesting things out the windows of the buggy. Mostly I slept. We went down some very busy streets and out in the country too. Our Amish driver told us about the area and we saw people working in the fields, laundry hanging on the line, things growing, a lady pushing a lawnmower, and other fun things. If you ever get a chance to take a buggy ride, you should do it. I give it four paws up.

After Lancaster (pronounced LANG-kuh-ster) County we hopped back in the car for more excitement, like battlefields and colonial settlements. Those were all in Virginia. I am allowed in National Parks as long as I don’t go in any buildings and stay on my leash. Well, not ON it literally. My leash just has to be attached at one end to my collar and at the other end to somebody who wants to walk me around. That would be everybody. I make friends easily.

Hotel Monaco in Washington D.C.Our next stop was Washington, D.C. and I met more dogs there than any place else. We stayed at the very swanky Hotel Monaco a few blocks from the Mall. (Not the shopping kind, the other kind with grass and big buildings and monuments.) When I arrived they gave me a paper sack with my name on it, which I carried inside myself. there was a water bottle, pretty green poop bags (hint, hint), treats, and a toy in the bag. The bell person brought up a tray just for me with a food dish on it. He put it right on the floor. (Please don’t tell them I had a little drink out of the ice bucket; I just couldn’t wait. Mom washed it out real good.)  I also got my own doggie newspaper with my name on it.

They wrote my name on the digital picture frame in the lobby and took my picture so the humans knew the names of all the dogs staying at the hotel while we were there. They even put a food dish and a water dish just for dogs and I was invited to have whatever I wanted, whenever. I was also invited to Happy Hour. Everyone fell in love with me. Here’s Mom and I on the red carpet at Hotel Monaco. We traded off who carried the umbrella and who carried the water bottle. (It was really sunny and hot. You’re supposed to stand under the umbrella and drink the water.)

The White House
Here we are in front of the White House!


The CapitolWashington MonumentHere we are stopped for a second in the middle of the crosswalk so you could see the Capitol Building behind us. See how long my tongue is? It was really hot outside. After I had a drink of water Mom poured some on my head to cool me off. (That was pre-crosswalk.)
We walked over to the Washington Monument and it is very tall, especially if you don’t clear 3 feet with your ears perked. 
We also looked for the Madison Monument, for obvious reasons. No luck.
Hope you’re having as good a time as I am this summer.
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21 thoughts on “Dog Celebrates Birthday!

  1. Hey, Madison– Happy Birthday, you had such a great trip to DC, you’re a lucky dog, I love the treatment you received at the hotel, my kinda place. Perhaps I should tell Hannes.


  2. Hi Madison! I’m Bisou, and mom tells me I’m a cocker spaniel. My birthday was July 7 (the same day as mom and dad’s anniversary), and I was *two*! They tell me I’m a big girl now and shouldn’t eat the leather sofa anymore — is that right? You’re so lucky to get to go so many places, but those big dogs (horses?) sound sort of scary! I hope your birthday was as happy as mine was!


  3. Oh, Madison, I really HAVE missed you! It’s always so much fun when you post. Your mom’s posts are interesting too, but there’s just something about hearing about life from your point of view that makes me smile. I’m glad you had a nice trip and enjoyed your birthday. I can’t live with a dog at the moment, sadly, so I especially enjoy hearing about your outings.


  4. Madison,

    You are so lucky that your Mom takes you on vacation sometimes. But she is lucky she has you. Did you forget the part where Mom shopped ’til she dropped for fabric in Lancaster County? (I hope she did anyway). You probably drove right past my house in Virginia. Stop in next time–I make a big deal over doggie birthdays–(braunsweiger birthday cake). YUM!


  5. Hello Madison ! I was thrilled to receive your email today! I Wish you a belated Happy Birthday. Don’t tell, but mine was a few days after yours and it was a big one!

    I loved the pictures of you on your wonderful trip! Looks like you were really a good traveler.

    Take care!


  6. Hi Madison, A belated happy Birthday. Mine is August 25 but I’m sure Mom will forget. My Mom and Dad left Zorro and me with a dog sitter for a whole month. That was fun as she doesn’t know all the rules. I managed to steal her supper twice. She obviously didn’t listen to the warnings. I can get things out of the sink and she obviously wanted me to have her somosa because she walked away from it. That was really good. Mom and Dad flew very far and I don’t like to fly. I like car rides though.


  7. thanks, madison for sharing info re your trip. i have never been to the east coast so i really enjoyed touring via your pictures and narration. you and ami are sweet for sharing your lives with so many of us.


  8. Madison, you are a lucky dog to be accompanied by a mommy wearing such a pretty dress. What a beautiful colour. – Terry in Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada


  9. Hey, Mad, tell your Mom that we like the cool dress she’s wearing. So much more dressed up looking than shorts and a tee shirt!
    Ask her to make you a matching bandanna for your next trip.


  10. Dear Madison, you’re so lucky to travel. we’re fur people too disguised as house cats so we don’t travel. We wait at home and sniff all of the delicious smells upon our people’s arrival. We loved your story and photos. Spencer and MizRiley


  11. Hey Madison, you lucky dog – Happy Birthday. We are the 10 Canyon cats using mom’s email. We are soooo jealous of your trip although our mom drove us from Seattle to Missouri and that was really fun too. Don’t eat all the cake….Kissy, Isabella, Mr. Bibberman, Mr. Keytes, Widget, Olliver, Stanley, Billy, Reddy and Toby


  12. Hey Madison!
    Wow, I love how your people celebrated you! My birthday is next month. Do you think if I told your mom about it, that it’s on the 17th – would she plan a trip like that for me too???? That would be so cool.
    Maybe next year you can come to where I live and you can take your people for a nice swim in the ocean.



  13. Our parents lived in Washington D.C. but we have never left Texas. You are almost a world traveler. We don’t like cars. We are not as good a traveler as you. When next July 14th rolls around, we will bark a happy birthday to you.

    Hobbs and Peaches


  14. Madison, glad you and your mom person had a good trip. You went to some of my favorite places. But you didn’t mention if mom went to any quilt places in Lancaster? When you were in Washington you stayed at a pretty swanky place! You were a few miles from my house. I live real close to Andrews AFB so I see the president’s planes quite often go right over my house.
    You might not like that as they can be real loud..


  15. Hi Madison. Happy birthday, a bit late! You probably drove near our house and very near where our Meowmy works. You would have been welcome to visit! Did you know there’s a whole county nearby named after you??


  16. Happy Belated Birthday Madison! From your paw friends, Ms. Daisy and Mr Rabble from So. Cal ( and Yvette too) ! looks like you had a gereat time in the Capital.


  17. Madison,
    Thank you for such a nice doggy tour of Virginia and then especially nice doggie sites. Our cat Wrigley was especially jealous of your special treatment on the red carpet. Meooorw!
    She promises to ‘paws’ her nap times long enough to send your account of all her dream trips soon.


  18. Madison, It is so good to hear from you again. It has been a long time. Our Mom and Dad take us on trips too. We have been to Traverse City, MI and Gatlenburg, TN and Orlando, FL. Only problem was that we had to stay in a kennel in Orlando. The other places were very dog friendly.

    We got to see the Smokey Mountains and the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.

    When we were in Florida Dad visited us every day and Mom came along on several. She had other stuff to do. Or so she said.

    Keep us up to date with everything you are doing.
    Maximillon von Wright
    Roxanne von Shelton-Wright


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