Mopey Madison

MadisonIt’s rainy and miserable today. Mom’s gone. She took off on Sunday. Something about a trip to Pennsylvania or something. As soon as the suitcases came out I went into denial. I hate the suitcases. Especially when there are no signs of my toys in the suitcases. Or kibble in serving sized baggies. Or my leash. Or a tennis ball.

Sometimes I get to go too. Not this time.

I am waiting by the door until she comes home. Me and Dad. Although he doesn’t know you’re supposed to wait by the door. The rules are very specific about that. I keep telling him, but her prefers the recliner.

Mom is having a great time teaching without me. She said she was going to blog about it as soon as she finds time to sneeze. 

 Mom told me to remind you that the auction for the  Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative ends on Wednesday the 10th. She thinks you should all go over there and bid on something because it brings in more money for research.

Bid here:

I think you should just wait by the door.

26 thoughts on “Mopey Madison

  1. you need to lie by the door and sigh deeply every so often and sometimes moaning quietly will also work. when mom comes home dad will tell her of your soulful mourning and she will feel so guilty you will always be included in future trips.

    you don’t mind flying do you?


  2. Hi Madison,
    I saw your mom Monday evening in DE. To think she told you she was going to PA! See she needs you so she doesn’t get lost!
    I can see why you miss her so much, she is a REALLY nice person and very funny, except when she talks about Alsheimer’s.
    then she is serious, sincere, and powerful. You are a lucky pup!


  3. Oh Pennsylvania – where abouts? I’m here and wondering if I’ll get to see your mom? Sorry you are missing her. But she’ll be back and I’m sure she is missing you just as much. Bet she’ll have some doggy treats for you.


  4. How on earth do you always capture such wonderful pictures? Our cocker spaniel would sit by the front door and howl when my husband left for work. I would stand at the top of the steps and say “Ginger, I’m still here, you are not alone.” She would jerk around (forgetting that there is another person in the family) and wag her stumpy tail three times and return to howling.

    Cheer up Madison, Mommy loves you and will be back before you know it.


  5. Poor Madison…I’ll be seeing your Mom tomorrow at a class. I’ll let her know you miss her and tell her to hurry home……uh…AFTER our class, that is!


  6. Madison… You need to train your Mom to bring you a new toy everytime she goes away. Walmart has the best ones and they’re the cheapest. We wait until the suitcase is open to hunt for them.. Shadow and Annabelle


  7. Madison, Mom will be home soon! Hang in there! Your friends who are thinking of you! Mr. Rabble and Ms daisy from Sunny CA where it has rained a bit this week too!


  8. Poor Madison! I would let you come and visit with my two dogs but you are so far away! Duke, my big German Shepherd would love to have a playmate! PeeWee, my little Pomeranian is too afraid of him since he tossed him head over heels one night! So they go out in shifts, and we all know that is not much fun!


  9. Well, Madison, we feel for you. It is hard when our people leave us but at least you’ve got Dad. (even if he doesn’t know everything that Mom does).

    We love to ride in the car and get all so sad when the suitcases are loaded and we are told to, “Stay….”.

    Our special pet feeders come and feed us but it’s not like having Mom and Dad around.

    Wish you could come visit us when Mom is away……

    p..s.–we sit by the door, too!

    Molly and Abby
    Your faithful Black Lab fans
    Pine Grove, Ca


  10. Madison has that look perfected !!! I hope you never look back at him when you leave, because those eyes would do me in. That unconditional love is still there behind those pitiful beautiful eyes.


  11. Madison – Even though Taylor is no longer here, you have a standing invitation to visit our home when you are in Illinois. I know your mom doesn’t stay with quilt guild members when she is teaching, but feel free to come without her. We know how to treat a nice doggy like you! (And I will show you where I keep the secret stash of dog biscuits).


  12. Madison, you look so sad, but cute! I think you should ignore your mom for a while when she comes home. Maybe she’ll take you next time.

    Your feline friends,
    Princess, Bear, Elmo, Millie, Maggie and Misty


  13. awwwwww…..
    I am a cat person more than a dog person, but…..

    You can record your voice with the commands for Madison (just like you do for kids..recording bedtime stories) ;) but maybe that will drive him crazy looking for you while you are gone.


  14. I agree with Melinda- soulful sighs make humans feel guilty! Hope you get to go next time.
    your friend,
    Andy ()

    (Andy is my Yellow Lab; today is his 16th birthday!)


  15. Madison, you poor boy. Mommy left you behind? I agree with Melinda that a good guilt trip is in order. Then she won’t be able to leave you behind. In the meantime, know that we feel your pain.


  16. The soulful eyes are good, just make sure your ears are really, really low. Guilt, guilt, guilt, that’s what you want to elicit! If nothing else it will get you lots of extra treats and kisses!

    Your kitty buddies in Texas, who have raised “guilting” to a fine art-
    Shadow & Shakespeare


  17. Madison-
    We feel your pain. When Mom leaves we stay by the garage door till she gets back. Since we’re all big too it makes it very difficult if Dad tries to go out that door, or Mom comes home. Heavy sighing is good. Make sure you have a toy in your mouth when she comes home – she’ll feel extra guilty.
    -Sam, Seamus, Maggie
    The Irish Setter clan.


  18. I’m sorry that your lonely, Madison, but we’re really looking forward to spending some time with your mommy here in Wellsboro! Hang in there…she will be home soon!


  19. A most excellent visual, Mady! A real prize-winner.

    Since you know Mom will check her computer, this was a genius ploy. Yes, yes I know you mean it, but you also know Mom has commitments, and you know she loves teaching her art to others. But I bet she’ll take a fast plane home to you!

    Admiringly yours,

    Gold-EE in Nor-Calif.


  20. Here’s what we do when mom comes home, we make a barking circle at the door, howling, yipping and barking till she comes in; then we try to run her over with love. We know she thinks we hung the moon. (or maybe that wasn’t what she was saying). Our mom only has to be gone for a few hours for us to feel sad and ready to lay on our brand of charm. She always comes back glad to see us and we bet your mom feels the same way.

    Peaches and Hobbs


  21. Hi Madison!!

    Mom did a GREAT job at our class on Thursday! Thank you so much for loaning her to us. I know she misses you and will be home soon!

    Puppy Hugs,


  22. Hi Madison,
    This is how it is. Tell your mom to get another pup. I have a new Golden brother, Chase. When my mom and dad leave, boy do we have fun!!! My brother, Chase showed this old girl how to open the cupboard where they keep the BIG cookies. I told him we’d be in trouble, but he didn’t care. It was lots of fun. Now they are in a new hiding place and neither of us can find them, YET!
    Your Golden friends, Feather and Chase


  23. Madison, I hope Mom is home. If not, here’s what you do:

    Come to the door as if you are curious about the stranger visiting. Don’t appear happy, just curious bordering on disinterest. When you see it’s her, give her the “Oh, it’s only you” look, then walk away. Best guilt maker ever! As Shadow and Shakespeare said, we felines have made it an art form!

    Muffett & Pepper


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