Ah, Spring!

Doe a deerThe Easter Bunny left his photographic backdrop propped up by the ice cream place in center court at the mall a few weeks ago. Just couldn’t resist playing around. If nothing else I amused the other mall walkers.

I think the squirrel is a tad out of proportion. If I saw a squirrel that big in real life I definitely would NOT turn my back on it!

Have a great day!
Ami :)

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5 thoughts on “Ah, Spring!

  1. You could stand, patting the squirrel on the head, and have the deer sniffing your backside. =) Just my silly idea.


  2. I like Jeni’s idea. :-)

    And squirrel, chipmunk – aren’t they really the same animal with different tail options?

    Actually I think the little rodent looks like he’s getting ready to attack you from behind with a pea shooter! Beware!



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