I Am A Beverage

I'm honored.

Who knew?  Yet, there I am on grape, orange drink, and citrus punch labels. AND embossed onto the plastic bottles too. Pretty neat, huh? And, I’m enriched with vitamina C.

We snuck off to Mexico last month and at the little market where we were staying there I was up on the top shelf. The slogan? “COMO ME GUSTA AMI.”  Isn’t that nice? (That’s nice, isn’t it?!)

So who are these Jumex people?  I need to know. More importantly, do they have corporate logos on sweatshirts? Would that not be so cool!?

Who speaks Spanish out there? Thank goodness my name appears in bright orange. The print on the back of the labels is so small I can hardly read it. Looks like there is a toll free number if you live south of the border: 1-800-01-JUMEX. The stuff is made in Mexico, if my Italian helps at all, and is exported/distributed to Guatemala, Honduras and possibly elsewhere in Central America. Any extroverted googlers out there?

Years ago I learned that there is a fly-fishing outfitter named SIMMS.  I wrote and asked for a label. They were very nice. I pinned it to one of my pin cushions.

Simms label

My most treasured “name” of all time were some shirts from a store called B. Moss, that being the same initiatl of Mom’s first name and her entire last name.  Amy Simms, my neice, found them for me. I could only find one shirt left, after Mom passed away, that didn’t have her name markered on the label. This label won’t be on there for long. It will soon live on a quilt!  (Check your closet in case you have any, would you? I’ve got another idea brewing and I think the stores are all out of business.)

B. Moss Clothing

Now, anybody who suggetsts I have too much time on my hands after reading what comes next is going to get slapped upside the head. (I am creatively procrastinating. There is a difference.)

Turns out I am also:

  •  American Megatrends Inc. 
  • Association Montessori Internationale
  • American Meat Institute
  • Association of Medical Illustrators

And, AMIS Semiconductor, whatever that is.  Naturally, I went to their web page. Check our their logo! I made the mistake of calling up their marketing person. (Hey, if you don’t want calls, take your phone number off your web page.)  I dialed a little too fast, before I had a plan, and wound up leaving the most odd and rambling message on the poor woman’s voicemail. And of course I gave her my name! Feeling like a total idiot. OK, I’m going to go quilt now.

Red faced,
Ami Simms

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36 thoughts on “I Am A Beverage

  1. Hi Ami,
    Jumex juices are sold at my Wal-mart here in Texas.
    I think the spanish translates to “How I love Ami” but someone more fluent might do better at translating.


  2. Como me gusta Ami is (roughly) “Oh, how I like Ami!

    I added the “oh” because in the US the phrase would probably have that. And “gusta” is ‘like’ rather than ‘love,’ but I suspect in the US, we’d be saying, “Oh, how I love Ami!”

    This is based on my high school & college Spanish (and from over 30 years ago), but I think it’s pretty close.


  3. If you really get desperate for B. Moss labels, be sure to check out ebay. I found 190 listings and not ALL of them are unreasonable prices. You could cut the label out, donate the clothing to a church thrift store and use the cost as a write off for next years taxes! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. My highschool Spanish (3-1/2 years of it 30 years ago) is somewhat rusty. But if I remember correctly, “Como me gusta Ami” means “How I like Ami” … literally. Or figuratively, “Wow, I dig me some of that Ami!”

    So it is nice! And you were not wasting time, obviously you had to let something percolate and generate before you could work on it. At least that’s what I tell myself.


  5. I think that “Ami” is a brand name – Amigo is friend so it is a friendly brand name. LOL! I tried to translate “como me gusta Ami” at Dictionary.com and it couldn’t do it, so ‘ami’ isn’t a word. If I remember my HS Spanish the phrase means (coloquially) “I like Ami a lot”. LIterallly it is “How Ami pleases me” but that sounds weird in English (and a little x-rated!)

    (Keep in mind I haven’t studied Spanish for about 35 years, so I could be rusty!)


  6. Dear Ami,
    As a bonafide associate member of the Association of Medical Illustrators (1971) and your constant ‘ami’ – I wish I could assist your endeavor. IF nothing else I can write to them on your behalf. OK?


    PS. Was up in Oscoda this week and bought the one remaining Twisted Sisters pattern from them. I like buying in person rather than on-line. Can you tell? Hugs!


  7. If my memory serves me (And sometimes it doesn’t!) “COMO ME GUSTA AMI” means , “How I like (love) Ami.” I took 4 years of Spanish in high school XX years ago and haven’t used it much since then, so I don’t guarantee accuracy. LOL

    The X’s in the number of years were meant to disguise how long ago that was. Looking at it, I realize that everyone might think it is a Roman numeral for 20. That works for me!

    Have a great day.

    Norma in MO


  8. Jumex is a brand that you can buy in the states. As a matter of fact, I have purchased it at Glen’s County Market and Save a Lot, up here in the Soo. Their strawberry nectar is fantastic!!!


  9. Well I think that’s fun!!!!!!! Now I wish I had a name that had logos, lol! I guess I’ll have to make something up. Next time I go to the thrift store, I’ll check labels for B. Moss.


  10. So does that mean your name is translated to Juicy Fish??

    When I named my son, I thought I was being careful…but his name actually translates to cushion fifth, or Fifth Cushion!


  11. HI, I’m either for the Meat Institute (hubba hubba) or the Medical Illustrators (conjurs up scenes of nude modelling instead of dead modelling)! Don’t worry about the phone message, it will make the recipient smile and most likely keep it for one of ‘those’ days when everything goes wrong and there was this one lady she could help. As we’re moving to Spain once our house is sold, you’d think my spanish were good, it’s not, I’m on the italian & french, so my guess is something like ‘make a good friend’. ????
    ciao bella


  12. I had 2 years of Latin, but my son-in-law, who just finished a Spanish course for work , said that como me gusta Ami translates into
    How I like Ami


  13. you are truly a goon (that’s a serious complement in my book). your humor has made a difference in my life, and even now, after untold readings, I can’t read ‘how (not) to make an award winning quilt’ without snarfing my mocha.


  14. Yes, it is nice. It’s basically saying “I like Ami”, though I’m not sure how the “como” fits in this particular sentence. (My older son is much better at Spanish, but he’s at work.)

    Jumex is a Mexican juice bottler. I see their canned juices all the time here in California, but I’ve never seen the Ami product. I wouldn’t be surprised to find it at one of the Mexican chain grocery stores here, though. Unfortunately for you, however, their corporate logo would be JUMEX, not AMI.


  15. As a fellow member of the Society of Unusual Names, I took great delight this winter when en route to New Orleans, I discovered that there is the City of Daphne across the bay from Mobile Alabama. Fortunately, it was lunch time, so we took the exit from the I-10, and had a lovely lunch in a restaurant close to the city hall. Of course, I had my picture taken in front of it.

    My maiden name was Shedd, so again, I take great delight in things like the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago (a VERY distant relative), and Shedd Spread (I have no idea if this is a relative).

    My husband’s name is Harlie, so, we are guaranteed, the only couple named Daphne and Harlie that anybody will meet.

    I have always loved having a different name.


  16. In Texas, we have that stuff by Jumex in the grocery stores. I can’t recall seeing the AMI drink but they make a really good grapefruit sort of soda that is an amazing yellow green color. But real cold on a hot day….oh boy!! I’ll look to see if we have AMI in north Texas….and if so, when you come to the Trinity Valley Quilt next time, I ‘llbring it along.


  17. Names can have odd references. Ever heard of Lynn, Massachusetts? The saying goes, “Lynn, Lynn, city of sin.” I guess there are worse things….


  18. Will have to check out the section at Safeway (here in Portland, OR) to look for that. The company name is familiar and our Safeway has an aisle dedicated to “foreign” foods.

    Love your wit, Ami….makes my day knowing I’m not the only one with an extremely vivid mind. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be really “visual” but it’s worth the giggles…


  19. Oh, Lynn! I didn’t know that Lynn was a real city! I’ve always loved the limerick:

    There was a young lady from Lynn
    Who was so excessively thin
    That when she assayed
    To drink lemonade
    She slipped through the straw and fell in.


  20. Everyone’s got the basic translation of “Como me gusta Ami” down pat. (How I like Ami!) And the commercial that links up from the url given above is hilarious!. Almost makes me wish I were still teaching just to be able to show it in my Spanish classes!
    So you sneaked off to Mexico – MARAVILLOSO Hope you were far away from the swine flu and came home regenerated.
    Hasta pronto, amiga.


    1. Using Babblefish to translate from or to another language is bound to get you in trouble with a native speaker. A major SW university
      used it to translate some of their documents on their website. For example, in talking about the “spring” semester, babblefish translated “spring” into the Spanish word for spring like a coil on a mattress. In the next sentence, it translated the word spring into the Spanish word for small stream of water. The website was unintelligible–it made the university sound illiterate.


  21. This was too funny. I decided to see what my initials produced … first thing – a gun manufacturer (oh joy!), but then a baseball glove company (I can deal with that), and finally a knitting term (slip, slip, knit)! Who knew!


  22. The phrase “Como me gusta a mi” can be read two ways because “Ami” (the brand name) and “a mi” (to me) sound exactly alike. So it can be read as “How I like/love Ami” or “How pleasing it is to me.” I’m US born, but Spanish was my first language. By the way, Jumex stands for Jugos (Juices) de Mexico. We can get their products at the Walmart here in Arkansas. They package some usual juices that you can’t find in American brands, like strawberry nectar and guava nectar. These are great for making tropical punches/drinks.


  23. I almost always remove the labels from the inside of my clothes…they scratch me, and stick out when I don’t need them to…but I have one clothing item that says Ami on the label and I have left that one on. The next time I run across it I will let you know exactly what it is.


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