Lucky Dog Has Own Quilts

Madison's fabric pizza After all that quilt counting the other day I was going to whine that my Mommy never makes me any quilts. Then I remembered that I commandeered one that she made, shown in my mouth here when I was younger. I figure this is close enough.

Mom thought it would be cute to have me pose with her fabric pizza. What she didn’t understand is that anything I put in my mouth then automatically belongs to me. My spit, my thing. Get over it.

I can be slightly neurotic about my fabric things.  I have three: the fabric pizza, a piece of knotted polyester fabric Daddy gave to me and Mommy nearly had a fit over,  and my bedroll when I go to sleep over some place.

I like to carry them around the house and wag furiously. I am very gentle and very proud, holding my head up high and my tail straight out. I also like to massage the fabric with my mouth, like an old man  with a cigar, but I know that’s not allowed. Mom says it’s gross and I think she’s afraid I will chew and choke. Still, sometimes I forget and Mom has to remind me. Sometimes I forget a lot and become a nutcase nuisance. Then Mom has to ask for whatever treasure I have in my mouth back. Next thing I know, I come in from outside and it’s gone. Poof. Disappeared. Don’t know how that happens.

Sometimes, as I have a fairly good nose, I will catch a whiff of one of my hidden fabric things. I am very good at sniffing out my fabric pizza, for example. I will pester Mom to give it to me. I stare intently at where I think it is hiding. (I am usually correct.) Then I back up quickly, perk my ears up, exhale loudly, and stare. I stare at her, I stare at where my fabric pizza is. Back and forth, snorting and dancing until she gives in. 

If she were only slightly more intelligent I wouldn’t have to work so hard. But, like most humans, it’s not her fault. She’s in her own little world.

I have two amazing quilts that were made for me and Mom thinks are hers.
Madison's Commision by Julie Higgins (Indiana) 1977

This quilt is of me and it was made by Julie Higgins from Indiana.  Julie saw a picture of me somewhere on Mom’s website that Mom took when I was a puppy. I didn’t belong to her at the time; I lived next door. But I was worming my way into Mom’s heart. This is one of my favorite poses because my jowl is caught up on my big poky side teeth and if you look close you can see that I have two crooked lower teeth.  (They match the two crooked top teeth that you can’t see, and all four of them are very cute.) Humans think I’m smiling, but my jowl is just stuck.Madison I. Cane by Donata Gervasi (Avezzano, Italy)

This quilt is actually named after me, Madison Il Cane which is Italian for Madison The Dog, or Madison T. Dog which is me. It was made by Donata Gervasi who is from Italy.

It was made from a picture too, but I don’t know how. Mom made me a tuxedo which I love to wear because then I have three tails. 

Donata made me a pleated shirt just like my real one and sewed whiskers on me and everything. Well on the quilted me. I have my own on the real me.

Mom and I both love these quilts because they are of me and because there is nothing you can do that is more special than giving somebody a quilt, except maybe giving them a kidney or other internal organ, but you wouldn’t want to hang that on the wall. Mom gets to love the quilts close up; and I have to love them from afar. Not even allowed to sniff. Even so, how lucky can a dog be!

Thank you Julie and Donata for making my Mom feel to happy.

Madison T. Dog

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19 thoughts on “Lucky Dog Has Own Quilts

  1. Madison, you are one lucky dog! Those are both beautiful. Just pretend you are in a museum…you can’t touch things there either. Your feline friends, Elmo, Millie, Maggie, Princess, Bear and Misty


  2. Our 6 year old Golden “Okie” or Oklahoma’s Golden Trail” loves reading Madison’s blog entries. Okie is also very proud of her “toys” she has a ball I made from “Patchwork Puzzle Balls” by Jinnie Beyer. She prances and brings it to us every time we come home. She is very proud of her ball. When she can’t find it the entire house gets search. Love our Golden girl.


  3. A gift made from the heart for someone special carries its own special aura into the world. What beautiful gifts! I won’t show the dog quilts to Duncan or I would have to make one for him!


  4. Madison,
    How kind of you to pose for photos! Your entries and photos of you are my favorite parts of the blog. Who’s a good boy!


  5. Madison T Dog is awesome! She is so beautiful and so lucky to have you for a Mom. I have 2 Shih Tzu’s and these quilts are an inspiration for me to do a portrait pic of the 2 of them together. They are the love of my life (and, of course, my DH, Bill).

    Madison, take good care of Mommy and be a good baby!


  6. Hi Ami: I can’t think of a better way to start the day then a message from you and/or Madison T. Dog. My love for dogs has no bounds and my beautiful dog, Thelma, is a treasure. She is a rescue dog and is thee best canine friend a person could want or hope for. Thanks again for you wonderful blog. I check in each a.m. hoping for some news from either you or Madison. Take care…Patinwisconsin


  7. All we can say is that you are one lucky dog. What could be better than a pizza quilt????? My “mom” doesn’t seem to have enough time to make us quilts. Yes, we understand about that gently “licking” although my sister, Abby, sometimes gets so worked up they turn into little holes! (they don’t bother us but mom gets real MAD)

    your Black Lab Friends from California
    Molly (aka Mo MO) and her sister Abby


  8. Madison, you have no idea of the arguments that your quilts started between my dogs, I run a rescue, we have no reall building so I get to look after the big dogs and hard to place.
    some of the ‘foster’ dogs. have built a room off of my home where ther keep, but I will now tell you about your quilt and the howeling that has gone on sence they read your poist all of mine want a quilt of there own, (i do not make quilts) I embordery on blankets and tell them there quilts, but now the ‘cat is out of the bag’ and they all want there own QUILT I’m hoping the groweling about quilts will soon go away. they read where your an only dog mist dogs feel sorry for you but I know there are 2 that would like to be only dogs;if you want I being well trained, can write to you for them.
    Monique Greyhound
    Rowen greyoundX
    Nessie GreyhoundX
    Harley Lab
    Apalio Lab
    Muggs Sharpe/ golden retriver (has her own line of toys)
    Charley NeffieX
    EllieMay (grand dog)
    Inside fosters:
    Kit labX (he chewes)
    Barnie LabX (he jumps the fence)
    Freckles unknown
    Sage SpitzX
    Snopie Hurding X
    Pepper Lab X
    Kaye weill trained houman on proz, & herble tea


  9. Hi Madison

    Now I’m have to nag my Mummy to sew me a few quilts. Trouble is Mum knows that I chew and destroy fabric, what a good alternative it is to flossing, though! But, I know Mum adores me and seeing as I have to put up with her sewing machine noise and the cussing that goes on when she makes a mistake, I think I deserve one.

    Have a good spring weekend

    Your buddy in Germany – Charley


  10. My grand-dog, Winston would love you. You look so much alike. How lucky you are to have your own fabric things, especially the pizza. I will seriously have to think about making something for Winston and his beagle cousin, Lucy and Scottie Aunt, Bonnie. They would probably love that pizza.


  11. My first quilt quickly became a dog bed. It was an Amish roman shadows which was a color disaster. And since dogs (not cats) are color blind, Rags, our rescued Lhasa Apso enjoyed. He enjoyed it to shreds. I hope you always have a pizza to call your own.


  12. Madison, your pizza quilt made us laugh out loud! Mommy let us read your blog and we are impressed that your quilts are sooo big. Are’s are tiny but they are stuffed with catnip, so that more than makes up for it.

    Also, our Aunt Jenny, who moved to Ohio a few years ago, has started making us mini quilts with our pictures on them. Mommy hangs them on the wall and won’t let us sleep on or under them, but we at least get to admire them from afar. So, needless to say, we are a little jealous.

    One more thing, now that we have seen your pizza quilt we are going to have Mommy makes us some mini ones on “English Muffin” quiltes, but instead of pepperoni we are going to request anchovies!! YUM! YUM!

    Bye Madison, can’t wait to read your blog again!! And can’t wait to see your Mom in person at the Quilt Guild of Dallas next month!

    Big Meow to you and your Mom from TEXAS!
    Shadow & Shakespeare


  13. My sister sent your column to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed Madison’s views. What a lucky care-taker you have that is so talented and loving to you. We should all be so blessed. A quilter’s hand is ever loving, tenderly patching pieces together or stroking her best friend and companion with touch and caring words. You are one lucky dog!


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