A Great Idea Is In The Bag, er… BUCKET!

Iron Bucket Check this out, it’s an Iron Bucket! Both the Kankakee Quiltmakers and the Riverwalk Quilters (Illinois) use this method to tote around their irons.

What better way to protect body parts, car, and anything between the ironing board and home, than this!? Plop your hot iron in the bucket and off you go! As long as the cord is away from the sole plate, you’re all set.

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8 thoughts on “A Great Idea Is In The Bag, er… BUCKET!

  1. Great idea. The hardest part will be finding a metal bucket. Plastic has it uses but this isn’t one of them. Ami, maybe you could pad the handle and teach Madison to carry it for you.


  2. i have an old stew-pot i’ve been using for this purpose. the added bonus is that the loop handles on the outside of the pot are a great place to hang the cord!

    yay for innovative ladies!


  3. I use a coffee cozy for this purpose. I have a small traveling iron and the cozy works perfect. Not as big or bulky as the bucket. I wrap the cord around the outside of the cozy. I’m just careful that if I put it in my tote to face the hot sole plate away from anything that could be damaged by it.


  4. I like the bucket idea. However, I use an old metal lunchbox with heat resistant substance in the bottom. The lid conceals the iron and I look like I am in my second childhood, carrying my lunch to class.


  5. Hi Ami

    Thanks for this tip. We tend to use old baking trays or roasting dishes for our irons within our group, but a bucket is of course so much easier to carry.

    Charley’s mum in Germany


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