14 thoughts on “An Audio Moment

  1. Love it! You always crack me up.

    For other ideas… Does Madison have anything to say?

    (He’s a very quiet dog. ~~ Ami)


  2. What WILL you come up with next?!
    I’m tired already just listening to you huff and puff…

    And I refuse to feel guilty for not walking too…I absolutely refuse!


  3. were there pictures? Cuz I didn’t see pictures. I’m not real technologically savvi though. :)
    Thanks for my first guilt this morning for my NOT walking. :)
    Mall, huh? Maybe I should try that! They’ll let you in at 8:15??? You walk twice around the inside of the mall and it takes 45 minutes? hmmm… very interesting.


  4. I hope you don’t mind that I was making another Ami jacket while you were podcasting…..
    Thanks for sharing your creative gifts.


  5. Love being able to hear your voice, AMI!

    I was vizualizing you walking INSIDE Genesee Valley Mall until you mentioned slipping on the ICE. Oops….

    I ‘walk’ in our neighborhood or go to the local CURVES, but today is my off day so that my arthritic knees can r&r. Gee, maybe I could quilt, hunh? You betcha!

    We walk indoors now; as soon as the weather gets warmer Madison will join us outside! ~~ Ami


  6. Loved hearing your voice and “mentally” walked with you. I was exhausted afterwards. Wish I had a mall I could walk within driving distance. I’m in the boonies. :-)


  7. Ami & Deb,
    This is great. I hope you do more of it. Another thing that might be of interest to your readers is when you talk out an idea between the two of you. I am sure it would be fun to be a “fly on the wall”.
    Does your mall allow dogs to walk with you? Maybe we could hear the click of Madison’s toe nails while you are walking.
    Say hi to Madison from Max and Roxie.
    Karen in S.W. Ohio
    P.S. I should start walking the mall, but by the time I get off work I am so stiff from sitting in a chair from 7:30 to 4:15 that I creak.


  8. I always check my email before going to the gym, so I’m not feeling guilty! I’ll think of you two while I’m on the “dread mill”! LOL!!
    Keep up the inovative ideas.



  9. Seems like y’all keep up a gpod pace while walking. I’m assuming somewhere between 2 and 3 miles? I walk with a neighbor here in Canada (about half of the year) and with another neighbor when I’m in the states (the other half of the year). We walk almost every day, sometimes on the road and sometimes in the woods. We each had a piece of Dove dark chocolate during our walk last evening but burned it off before we got home (at least we hope!).

    Love your blog!


  10. Ami,

    Once again you make me laugh! Thanks for taking us around your mall. I wall to and from work on Wednesdays and Thursdays. As I am usually running late, after getting my 14-year-old up for school, I walk pretty briskly, too!

    Whatever you come up with is fine by me. You always seem to know what I need to hear/read before I do!

    Happy walking and quilting afterwards!


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