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Madison needs to upgradeMom wanted me to ask if there are any accountants out there who know of any great deals for QuickBooks Pro 2009. We have to upgrade. Sigh.

We got an email from the nice people at Intuit explaining that they have to disable some fun things we use in the program we already own so they can sell us a new program that does the same thing as our old one.  It probably has other things that we might need too, but they probably involve learning. I don’t mind learning. I learned how to hold this 37-pound instructional booklet for QuickBooks Pro 2006.

The nice people at Intuit want to charge us $199 for the upgrade directly from them. The nicer people at Office Max and Office Depot want to sell us one for $99. I’m wondering if it is missing the 37-pound instructional booklet. 

Madison Googles

I have been googling, but can’t seem to find anything better than $99. If you know of a better deal could you let me know. Please don’t tell me about the kind of deals where the stuff falls off the end of a truck. We are not interested in those kind of deals.

Remember: QuickBooks PRO 2009.

I thank you kindly. Mom should be back blogging tomorrow. She’s up to her eyeballs in your underwear today. Happy Spring!

PS: We use QuickBooks Pro for both Mallery Press and Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative invoicing, not just figuring taxes and stuff. The part they will disable in May (if we don’t upgrade) is our ability to email invoices. We like that part a lot.

Nobody reads the manual. I just like to carry it around.  :)

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23 thoughts on “QuickBooks Pro 2009

  1. Madison, tell your Mom to get the one at Office Max or Office Depot. If it does the same thing as the one you have, you don’t need the big manual. The changes they have made are very minute and keep up to date on the current tax laws etc. I checked all over the web (to the proper and “good” sites) and you can’t beat the $99. Just make sure it’s the LATEST one. They may be trying to unload the older version.



  2. I found some lower prices on Amazon.com. It was as low as $86.99. See what you think. These are supposed to be new not used.
    Take care Madison


  3. Hi Madison. Good to hear from you again. I know nothing about Quick Books but do know that the local newspaper upgraded and it took up so much memory that they had to put in a new chip. No, no, not a potato chip. You can’t eat this kind.


  4. The one at the office store may not have a manual. I’m finding online manuals to be a pain.
    Happy National Quilting Day!


  5. I too recently had to upgrade but it was because Ihad 2005 and my computer crashed and I had to go to lovely VISTA and therefore a new program. I was going to buy at either Staples or Costco for $99, but last week in our localpaper on Sunday and Monday only Office Max online had it for $79 with free shipping. Just got it and Madison you will be very glad to know it does not come with that heavy book. Good luck.


  6. Madison, i have no helpful advice at all about a good deal on QuickBooks but i do love the picture of your paw on the wristrest! no carpal tunnel problems for this smart doggy!


  7. There isn’t a lot of difference between 2006 and 2009 Quickbooks. If you already know 2006 you will be fine with the updated version. The program converts nicely as well.

    If you keep your tome from Quick Books 2006, this should be a sufficient reference for 2009 as well.

    This information comes not from me but from my husband who is a B2BCFO (Business to Business CFO) and uses this software daily for most of his clients.

    P.S. He doesn’t think that Intuit is shipping the tome any longer. They have put their help features in an electronic format, which means they are all online.

    So he suggests that your lowest pricing is your best deal. You won’t be missing anything.

    I hope this helps.



  8. Tell mom, If you get the 37# instruction book, consider yourself lucky – it’s all online these days. You get a little installation guide & are expected to be able to take it from there. And their customer support stinks – if you don’t call with your questions in the first 30 days or so, you have to pay to talk to anybody. Your $99 deal sounds like a better deal than none.


  9. Hi Madison,
    Tell your Mom that I work on QB 2001 (personal bookkeeping), but my husband who is a CPA, went to QB Pro 2007 (for personal use) two years ago and thinks it is “overkill”. He tells me constantly not to upgrade to PRO – stay with the regular QB. He says he is now getting used to it but wishes he had stayed with regular version. Not knowing how you plan to use it, it is difficult to give you direct advice. If you want more details, you can have Mom email me.


  10. I’m thinking I would try Amazon online and see if that gets you anywhere. I’ve ordered textbooks through them and got them quickly and no problems. Just a thought.

    Hugs, Trish (love the blog – you are keeping me laughing)


  11. Hi Madison,

    I’m not sure whether you’re getting this for a second time, but if so, I apologize. Tell your mom that $99 is a great deal on Quickbooks 2009. That’s the price I can get as a professor because I teach the class. A couple of things to note…The “nice” people at Intuit don’t tell you that the product still works perfectly fine. They just aren’t supporting QB 2006 and earlier versions. This is not a big deal unless you use it to do payroll. If that the case, they will no longer update the tax rates, etc on the older versions. If no payroll is done, you may continue to use it. I’ve been told from textbook publishers that Intuit is doing a major revision to QB for 2010. So, if you can wait, that might be worth it. I’ve got clients still using QB 2002!

    Anyway, let your mom know if she’d like to call me, I’ll email her my phone numbers. That way she can ask whatever other questions she may have.

    Have a great evening – Lucy, Pepper and Salty Dog all say “hi.”



  12. Intuit is all heart. Maybe you ought to direct mom to one of those store front tax places that “guarantee” your refund almost before you file. Oh, if you only had thumbs!!


  13. Try NothingButSoftware.com… i just purchased McAfee complete computer protection for $25 for 3 computers… they have awesome software deals…hope you can find what you there….


  14. Try checking your local Sam’s Club or Costco. You might find it cheaper there. I picked up the home version at Costco and saved!


  15. Madison,

    I still use Quick Book version 1 for my accounting. Of course I only have four checking accounts and four saving accounts and the household bills. I agree with Jane that unless your Mom is doing payroll it would be worth it to wait until the big unveiling of 2010 version.

    Personally I hate to upgrade anything. The new program usually works slower (although then I get to take frequent naps) and has taken away all my favorite short cuts. I would not try VISTA for a million dollars (well maybe I would be tempted by the money) but unfortunately new software has too many BUGS and the poor computer user has to deal with them. I still use Windows XP and it took me almost three years to learn some of its fine tuning.

    It is surely a shame that we cannot get the BUGS in software to die like the ants in my kitchen. I will be calling the bug exterminator today as the ants are multiplying and our dogs (Max and Roxie) haven’t done anything to help get rid of them.

    Have a great day and put that heavy user manual under Mom’s sewing machine so she won’t have sore shoulders from hunching over it.

    Love and kisses


  16. 1. You probably don’t have to upgrade at all if what you have is still working for you. I don’t know QB but that’s the way most upgrades are for most software – non-essential.
    2. Most software does not come with nice manuals nowadays, so even the full price probably won’t get you the manual, unless they specifically advertise it that way. And even if it did, it’s probably not worth the extra $100.
    2. Madison, I noticed the bald spot you have created on the wood from too much “mousing”. Is Ami working you too hard?? Dog abuse? Sweat shop labor at Mallery Press?


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