Meet Me In Lake Orion

OK, that’s not quite right. Meet me in the CITY of Lake Orion, Michigan. Way too cold for anything IN the water. More specifically at King’s Court in the Olde World Canterbury Village shopping center any time between 10 and 5 today.  This is the last day “Alzheimer’s: Forgetting Piece by Piece” will be on exhibit there. If you’re Map-Questing, that’s 2369 Joslyn Road. For more information call the Village Quilt Shoppe at (248) 391-5727.

And even if you’re not going, read the article about the exhibit (and me) that appeared on the FRONT PAGE of the Oakland Press this week. I believe that’s our first FRONT PAGE.

For those of you heading over to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, Virginia please join me for “Quilting & Caring: The Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative” on Saturday night at 6pm. It is a FREE lecture. I know many of you are involved with the AAQI and for that I owe you a big hug. Please come by and collect.

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6 thoughts on “Meet Me In Lake Orion

  1. Great press, Ami! I hope you have a splendid day. I do believe that your mom will be with you today. I am sure you will feel her loving spirit as you share this amazing exhibit.


  2. Ami – I read the article in the Oakland Press and was delighted to see that Uncle Bud made the first comment! I feel like I know him after reading his book. :-)

    I sure wish I could see it again. I’ll have to get on these San Diego people again to bring the exhibit here.



  3. Ami,
    My schedule didn’t match yours, but I did see the exhibit at Lake Orion on Friday. It was wonderful! What a fabulous collection.
    The venue was just spectacular. I know that your Mom and Dad are looking down from heaven with big smiles of benevolence upon you for all your good works and many, many friends.


  4. Front page, huh? Congrats!! That is a really nice article. I really admire how you have taken a personal tragedy and are trying to bring something positive from it. I hope you understand what I mean. Good luck with the latest quilt auction.



  5. Congratulations on your front page! I’ll be in Hampton, and am looking forward to taking your class this Thursday!

    I’ve been hoping to take a class from you for years! Sorry to miss your lecture on Saturday night, we’re heading home that morning.

    See you in Hampton!



  6. We planned too late for our trip to Williamsburg (and Hampton) this year, and I missed my chance to sign up for a class…but I did “lurk” both Thursday (Twisted Sister) and Saturday (Strippers)! Wish I could have attended the lecture but we are at home now in Pennsylvania…drove right out of the rain (but are expecting snow tomorrow night). I did get a chance to have a nice visit with Reid Barnhart (and bought a bright yellow vest!). I’m sure your students enjoyed your classes. I know I enjoyed the ones I took so many years ago in Williamsburg. I’m hoping we get to meet once again in my home state…at the show once in my home town (Fort Washington) that moved to Harrisburg for a few years and is now coming back to a county nearer me, in September! xox


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