Quilts, Quilts, and MORE QUILTS!

All these packages, except the one on top, are from quilters. I can tell just by looking at them. They came in yesterday's mail and they're all Priority: Alzheimer's Quilts for International Quilt Festival in Houston, Texas, October 29-November 2.  The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative has been given a TRIPLE booth (#5726-5728-5730) by show organizer Karey Bresenhan. … Continue reading Quilts, Quilts, and MORE QUILTS!

Bowling Workshop A Screaming Success

Jane's getting started in the photo to the left, coiling the bottom of her batik fabric bowl in yesterday's workshop in my @Home Classroom. I wish I had gotten the camera out while we were using our PowerWrappers. There was clothesline all over the floor, strips of fabric on every surface, and half a dozen … Continue reading Bowling Workshop A Screaming Success