I Hate Houston!

I am particularly annoyed with Houston. I’ve never been there, but I’ve had enough of it. It’s all I’ve been hearing about for weeks. No, make that months. Some dumb quilt show.

All the planning. All the packing. Suitcases everywhere. Mom isn’t paying any attention to me at all and then she’s going to leave me.

It’s just going to be me and Dad while she’s living it up in HOUSTON. She gets to work all day long at some place called The George Brown. Whoever that is.  I bet if George Brown had a dog, he’d stay home with it.

Mom tells everybody she’s going to be in “Row Q.” I don’t know what that is either, but I bet she can’t even find it without me. And she sounds so happy about going! Can dogs pout? I’m pouting.

I want to go to Houston too.

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15 thoughts on “I Hate Houston!

  1. I know someone here who would sympathize with you. Her name is Princess, and she knows how to pout. I’m not going to Houston this year, but I did twice a couple of years ago and she had to stay home with Dad, too.

    P.S. Good luck Ami. Hope you have my quilt with you.


  2. Madison – You can come to HOUSTON with Mom and stay with me in my house in the country. I have two cats – Emma and Lola. Emma will totally ignore you and stay out of your way. Lola will be mean to you till you tell her some of the fun stuff you do, then she’ll tell you some of the fun stuff she does. And then you two will be uncontrollable – but you’ll have fun!


  3. Oh, Madison ~ I’m so sorry… you are SUCH an excellent spokesdog for AAQI, it’s a shame those folks in Houston don’t understand how important it is for you to be there to help out in the booth… life just isn’t fair….


  4. Oh, Poor Madison T!! I don’t know who George Brown is either, but maybe someone will bite him for you! I hate it when my mom leaves me with the Scary Man. Sam the Pomeranian

    Have a great time, Ami!!


  5. Hi Madison,
    My mom went to quilt market in Houston 10 times. (She sold her store.) When she came back the other older Goldens in our family have told me that she was soooo much happier. There is nothing like covering your mom with wet kisses when she comes back, wiggling all over and wagging your tail so hard it feels like it will fall off. Trust me let her go, you and she will be so much happier.
    Feather AKA Diva, Blondie, Goofy Golden


  6. I would be glad to have Madison visit with me while you are gone,Ami. Think he would like Maryland? I have the Chesapeake Bay outside my door.


  7. Hi Madison,

    Days with my Dad are just not the same as ones with Mum. She stops to fuss me and lets me follow her around the house, Dad on the other hand just doesn’t appreciate this behaviour. I feel for you buddy. Luckily I get to go to work with my Mum all the time and she also has a colleague who adoes me too. So, double fussing for me!
    Let’s hope your Mum sells all those soft, chewy quilts fast and comes home early.
    Your Golden buddy in Germany, Charley


  8. Madison,
    My Mom leaves us when she goes on quilt retreats. Only Dad to let us out and he doesn’t always hear us when we tell him we have to go out. It’s so hard to get his attention some times.
    We give Mom plenty of kisses when she returns home, so give Ami plenty and she will be very happy.
    Roxie and Max (Mom is Karen and Dad is James)


  9. Madison, we feel terrible for you. Would you like to come and stay at our house while your mom’s gone? We will be really nice to you even though we are all kitties (6 of us). You like kitties, don’t you? We can play and play and then eat and sleep and play some more…if it sounds like something you would like to do, give us a call.
    Love, Princess, Bear, Millie, Elmo, Maggie and Misty


  10. Madison!

    I’m just a talkative Cockatiel (my Mom says I mumble a lot) but I’d love to have you come and stay. You could even make a new friend or two or three when Mom hand feeds the squirrels. They just love the peanuts she buys for them.


    P.S. I sometimes try to ignore them when they come back if they leave me with my “bird sitter” for a couple of days…that seems to to make them really feel bad for awhile.


  11. Dear me Madison, Such a problem for you. But I am going to Houston tomorrow and I will say Hi to your Mum for you. Treat her good when she comes home.



  12. Oh poor Madison…
    what a brave sweet boy you are… your Mom will come to her senses very soon…. with a picture like that to haunt her, you’d better believe the treats will be flowing! Hang tough..
    Terri (and Mollie , Peaches, & Tango)


  13. Hey Madison,
    Here boy. Here boy. Come visit me in Rochester HIlls, we have 2 cats, (one inside and one outside) – and many noctural visitors to tantalize you. Two racoons bigger than baby bears, opposums, skunks and the occasional blue jay. We’d keep you hopping and give you lots to tell Ami when she returns.

    Many good wishes to you Ami… and blessings to your mom.


  14. Madison, I have found that it works to ignore mom for a few hours (much more than that and it can backfire on you). When my mom returned after 3 weeks last summer, I ignored her. I would come and sit a few feet away from her, then when she got up, I would run from her. I did it twice in 3 hours. I figured by then she had learned her lesson. It sux being left behind but I know my mom thinks of me a lot and calls my caretakers when she is gone. I know your mom will do the same.
    Tinker B. (cat but knows how you feel)


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