Quilters (and their husbands) Are SO Creative!

Check out this awesome idea for raising a regular 8-foot backbreaker into an appropriately-tall workshop cutting table! It’s just as stable as chunks of PVC pipe or bed risers for each leg, and it already comes with the room! Plus one doesn’t even need a buddy to help set it up.

As long as the table has the kinds of legs pictured here and the chairs are the garden variety metal folding type, you’re in business.

This idea came from Sharon Jack’s husband, Ron. I saw it in action when I visited the Decatur Quilt Guild last month.

Use this idea at your own risk. Lifeguard not on duty. Close cover before striking. Individual mileage may vary. For external use only.  Do not use while sleeping or unconscious. Not intended for highway use. And other serious warnings.

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8 thoughts on “Quilters (and their husbands) Are SO Creative!

  1. This is a great idea! My back is killing me after just 30 minutes. A friend suggested a ping pong table – but I couldn’t find one at any garage sale this summer. I’ve got the table – I’m going now to find the chairs! If you turned the chairs around so the backs were under the table – maybe I wouldn’t trip so much.

    Hugs to Sharon and Ron – my husband has trouble putting in a light bulb – he has other fine qualities, just none that are useful!


  2. Great idea and it comes with an additional benefit….

    There is space enough UNDER it to set up another table (with legs folded and placed on bricks) for those like me who are vertically challenged!

    We can get double the amount of folks in a room that way! YEAH!


  3. YEAAA! I am vertically challanged (5′) and have a bad back and hips so this is a fabo idea. I already have the chairs and am waiting for my hubby to come home and impement the higher cutting table idea.

    Keep ’em coming Ami.


  4. Hugs to you Ami-I know exactly how you feel after losing my dad to Alzheimer’s a year and half ago-It’s good to remember those sayings-my dad had a bunch and I chose to remember those instead of the disease that finally took him away from us.
    Love and Prayers to you-


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