inklingo Handbook and AAQI, pages 81-83

Linda Franz and Monkey have a new inklingo Handbook and I’m delighted to share that the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative and the Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt project was the inspiration for the quilts on pages 81 through 83.

inklingo is a revolutionary system for printing sewing and cutting lines on the wrong side of fabric for piecing by hand or machine.

Lots of other good ideas inside too.

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3 thoughts on “inklingo Handbook and AAQI, pages 81-83

  1. Congrats for you and AAQI to be featured in such a book.

    I also love the idea of the book and printed templates right on fabric. I also love the rotary cutter she had in her hand. I suffer from cronic tendonitis and this looks great! The company is Martelli and can be reached at Thanks for the emails and great info you provide! Keep up the great work.



  2. Thumbs up for Linda’s topnotch books, DVDs, PDFs, and innovative way of approaching piecing. Plus InkLingo is down-loadable, no postage fees or waiting! Sharyn


  3. I have used Linda’s Inklingo for a long time now and fell in love with her process and hand piecing.

    I know intregrating the computer and quilting is foreign to some, but I also know that the wedding of the two will bring more of our younger sewer in to this craft.

    So between Ami and Linda, I get the best in the world.

    Madison’s Aunt Sheron


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