How About THAT?!

Through The Eyes of a Quilter made the WordPress list of “Blogs of the Day” for October 3, 2008. In fact it was number 66 out of 100. According to WordPress, Blogs Of The Day highlight the most popular and interesting content. Considering there are currently more than 1,317,000 blogs on WordPress, I think that’s pretty good.

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11 thoughts on “How About THAT?!

  1. Finally! It took them long enough to recognize good taste, class and a not to forget a wonderful sense of humor! : = )

    Seriously, that’s fantastic…and mentioning Madison doesn’t hurt either.

    Prayers continue your way for your Mom and you.


  2. yea!!!! you deserve to be in that spot or higher….

    my mother-in-law who is 89 has Alziemers but we are fortunate that she still knows us and what is happening now and 50 years ago… it is that little just happened that is beyond her….

    We live in Jax Beach and Dave’s parents are wintering (Cheboygan, MI where really live) south of us about 5 hours away. She says to Dave, why don’t you come and join us (at the assisted living)for supper in an hour….


  3. What fun! I always enjoy reading up you’re up to Ami. Wish I was a little closer (well a lot closer) your classes at home with that sweet puppy standing by sound like a lot of fun. But the trip form SoCal is a bit long!


  4. A’course, Ami!

    They are finally recognizing what the rest of us have known for years!

    But, it IS nice to have the outside recognition…Much love to your ‘quirky’ self…Prepare yourself for more, much more!


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