Bowling Workshop A Screaming Success

Jane’s getting started in the photo to the left, coiling the bottom of her batik fabric bowl in yesterday’s workshop in my @Home Classroom.

I wish I had gotten the camera out while we were using our PowerWrappers. There was clothesline all over the floor, strips of fabric on every surface, and half a dozen immobile quilters “wearing” what looked like bows (as in bows and arrows). We were quite a sight.

This was my first workshop using Susan Breier’s book It’s a Wrap and the resulting fabric bowls came out terrific. (See the past blogs: Bowled Over and I’ve Been Bowling Again.)

Bernadeine is building the walls of her bowl in the picture over here to the right. She also PowerWrapped, but instead of going “random” or using just one fabric, she alternated two fabrics which created stunninng bold stripes.

Everyone did a fabulous job! Thank you for coming!

Shown below are Nancy’s bowl made from white “confetti” fabric, Betsy’s “Halloween batik medley,” and Karolyn’s hunter green speckled bowl.

Workshops in my @Home Classroom are over for the year, but they will resume again in 2009. Stay tuned.

 Betsy Stephanic writes: “Here’s the oval bowl I made today (the day after the workshop).  I squished the long sides a bit to get a curve in the top edge, and I wove in two strips of the dark fabric on the long sides to see what would happen.  Not as much contrast as I expected, but at least it’s visible! I meant to add some at the ends, too, but I got carried away and forgot until it was too late.  Thanks for a great class yesterday.  I really enjoyed it. ~~Betsy Stephanic

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8 thoughts on “Bowling Workshop A Screaming Success

  1. The workshop was a blast. I have now made my second bowl and power wrapped through the NASCAR race, which means I am ready for bowl three and possibly four. While power wrapping my daughter and I tossed out ideas for bowls. Orange for halloween with felt face and Green and White for Michigan State and………………………. I guess I know what will be given for christmas now.


  2. OK, this might actually prompt me to make one of these things! I can totally see how one would start looking at fabrics differently – as we all did after discovering StackNWhacks and One Block Wonders – and thinking “hmmm…. hmmmm!”
    Great bowls, ladies! Way to go, Ami. :-)



  3. I finished power wrapping on the ride back to Traverse City. Lucy loves the fact that Madison was there (so did we)! She keeps sniffing my bowl! I can hardly wait to finish it. Thanks again, Ami, for such a great time!



  4. I’m sooooo excited now. I just received my book and “power wrapper” instructions in the mail today and I can’t wait to give it a go. These baskets/bowls are just so amazing. Now to just find the time to sit still long enough to get it going. I need a quilting/bowling vacation! I think I will take this to my friends in the Rim Country of AZ for a weekend and see if I can addict them too. Thanks Ami for introducing us to this new art. And thanks to Susan for book.


  5. I too have made many, many bowls. THese two are my favorites…..

    and here is a photo of all the bowls I’ve made.

    I am so sending for a directions for a power wrapper. Anything that will allow me to wrap faster and make more bowls is EXACTLY what I need!!!!


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