Alice Sundquist from Salt Lake City, UT is pretty good with a needle and thread. She made this miniature quit in 1994. I had the honor of holding it (all 8.5″ x 9.63″ of it) in my hands and admiring the incredible hand stitching. That blanket stitch was done with a single thread! I tried not to drool on the quilt.

Alice, now 91, has donated this treasure to the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative and it is in the October quilt auction.  If this doesn’t inspire you to make a bid, I don’t know what will.

I picked another miniature, equally incredible, for the auction this month.  It is the perfect work of Nansi Bainard, shown below.

Her “Tiny Double Wedding Ring” certainly lives up to its name, measuring just 5.5″ x 7.13″. I got a headache trying to figure out how she did it. Amazing!

People who see these quilts in person (after having washed their hands and cleaned their glasses) stare with their mouths open. It’s not often you see work of this caliber.

How do the other quilts in this month’s auction stack up? As my mother would say, ‘there aren’t any flies on them either. ‘ Please go take a look and start hunting for the lost coinage between the sofa cushions. We need you to bid so that the Alzheimer’s Art Quilt Initiative can turn these quilts into research dollars.

Here are this month’s stars:

#1867  The Old Oak … Mary Bowles Gempeler (WI)
#2060  Sunrise/Sunset … Mary Schaeffer (WI)
#2203  Carol’s Mom … Joanne Guillemette (VT)
#2283  Falling Leaves … Carol Kolf (WY)
#2358  Mom’s Mountains … Jannett Caldwell (PA)
#2366  Fall Memories … Karen Thompson (PA)
#2434  If I Only Knew … Karen Musgrave (IL)
#2464  Remembering New England Winters … Betty Donahue (AL)
#2701  Still Beautiful … Joan Moran (MD)
#2704  Bright Spot … Hedy Nelson (MD)
#2760  Ride Like the Wind 1 … Diane Petersmarck (IL)
#2776  Mini Sue and Sam 2 … Alice Sundquist (UT)
#2787  Gibbous Moon … Gay Young Ousley (CO)
#2806  Sunset Moose … Petwara Toyingtrakoon (WI)
#2818  New Life … Kristi Burt (NE)
#2828  Anne’s Iris … Vicki Craig (TX)
#2832  Mount Moran … Betty J. Rogers (NH)
#2836  Miniature Storm at Sea … Martha Wolfersberger (MT)
#2837  Pinwhirligigs … Martha Wolfersberger (MT)
#2843  Tiny Double Wedding Ring … Nansi Bainard (WA)
#2856  Love Never Fades … Fannie Narte (TX)
#2858  Alzheimer’s:  A Tough Nut to Crack … Sandy Bartelsmeyer (IL)
#2860  Hearts with Sparkle II … Sandy Bartelsmeyer (IL)
#2868  Playful Posie … Robin Koehler (NC)
LT280  Snowman #7 … Roberta Butler (IL)
LT307  Dragonfly … Mary Main (CA)

Do you want to join the fun? The Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt project is on-going. We are accepting quilts of any theme, any technique, and any ability. I guarantee the quilt you make will touch someone’s heart.  The time investment is small, as is the size: no larger than 9″ x 12″. For information on how to start, click here.

The auction ends on Friday, October 10th at 10p EST.  Tell somebody, even if you think they’ll outbid you. This is for a good cause.

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4 thoughts on “Wow!

  1. I checked out the October auction. They are incredible! And so many have such touching dedications and artist statements it makes them more meaningful. How do I choose?


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