I’ve Been Bowling Again

I’ve been playing with Susan Breier’s book, It’s A Wrap, again. I wanted to see how big a bowl I could get and this one made it to about 11 and a half inches. I used gradated fabric. Along one selvage edge it was nearly black, and by the other it was a medium red. I had to strip it on the grain instead of crossgrain or on the bias to get 50 yards of clothesline wrapped so that the color would change from the center (darkest) to the rim (lightest) before the bowl was done. (It’s a little more hairy than the bowls I’ve made with the fabric cut on the bias.) OK, and maybe it was only 25 yards of clothesline. Maybe. It goes fast with that PowerWrapper.

This second bowl is much smaller, only about seven and a half inches in diameter and a little taller. I wanted to see if I could get the bowl to bow out slightly on the sides and then come back in again.

I’m enjoying using up some of the fabric in my stash that just hasn’t made it into a quilt yet.

I wanted to do straight sides on this last bowl. Once it got to the shape it wanted to be I thought I’d see if I could add something along the top. I think it would have been much more effective had I used a solid color. The print AND the curly-cues are way too busy.  I took the picture when the basket was empty. Looked like a big blob. Only after I put the onions in there could you see the actual shape.

The loops of wrapped clothesline on the rim are pinned in place. I tried to zigzag in on, but even with pins it shifted out of position and broke several needles. I’ll just go back and hand stitch the loops in place. Maybe I should take it on the plane for something to work on during my next flight. Since they’re letting us take less and less stuff on board, about the only way I could get it past the flight attendants would be to wear it as a hat! Note to self: take the onions out first.

I’ll be teaching a workhsop on making fabric bowls on Saturday, October 4th here in Flint, Michigan in my @Home Classroom. There’s still room if you want to sign up. Come on over and have some fun.

We’ll be using Susan’s book.


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4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Bowling Again

  1. Um, Ami? I wouldn’t wear the hat (I mean try to wear the hat) on the airplane. You don’t want to draw THAT much attention:)

    I think it is a very cool bowl. I like the print and the loops. Great photos. Looks like lots of fun.


  2. I looked at this process in a quilt store and can’t quite get the idea into my head. I hope it’s easier than it looks. I love the bowls, but am worried I’ll get hooked and how many wrapped bowls DOES one need in their lives. Friends and family never appreciate my gifts – just ask about the knitted socks from last Christmas.


  3. Ami, those are just terrific. I love the loops on the last one. I’ve been trying to find something special to decorate the guest bath of “my first house” and you’ve given me just the perfiect idea. Many thanks to you and Susan Breier. Of course, I really needed one more craft to take up. ; >} What fun. I’m ordering the whole package as soon as I submit this comment. What excitement.
    Thanks, Terre


  4. I just recieved the “it’s a wrap” book from you and today I get the clothsline! Just dumped food in the crock pot for tonight, guess what I will be doing all day. :)


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