Thank You For Remembering!

Special thanks to Zach Beane of for creating the picture generator for the Virtual Quilt Patch project. Nearly 1,000 people created Virtual Quilt Patches and displayed them in their emails, webpages, and blogs. The patches were seen by more than 18,000 people!

My thanks go out to everyone who remembered their loved ones in a more public way than usual to help raise awareness on World Alzheimer’s Day. I read every blog and website who  shared a link with me and the stories were so touching and heartfelt. I know how painful it is to watch this disease eat away at someone you love, and how difficult it is to write about this pain. Thank you for taking the time to share with others who may not know. Those who have read your words have grown in their understanding and compassion.  Only by keeping Alzheimer’s disease in the forefront of our national consciousness will we see increased funding for research that seeks a cure and improved public health policies. You done good!

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4 thoughts on “Thank You For Remembering!

  1. Hi :-)
    I’d love to have links to some of the blogs you mentioned in this post – the ones about Alzheimer’s in particular. Please?


    The links are listed here, down at the bottom, but you’ll have to click to see what they are about. ~~ Ami :)


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