Finally! A Way To Use Up Those Stupid Twisted Sisters Leftovers!

Every Twisted Sisters workshop as we seam, chunk, wedge, and piece, invariably someone, or some-two, or -three people ask the dreaded question: “What can we do with those little pieces we cut off?”

I reply: “The ones that are less than 4″ long, half an inch wide, and taper down to nothing? The ones that are not all even the same size, the ones that that ravel before your eyes, the ones that were you to piece them together would be more seam allowance than patch? Those ones? Gee, I dunno, THROW THEM OUT?!”

In all honesty I have tried to come up with a use too and have actually taken scraps that wise students pitched in the trash can to try and figure out a use for them. The best I can come up with is arranging them in a starburst and then fusing them to a sweatshirt. My luck I’d have room for two on the front, in just the array you are imagining. I put them back in the box for another go at it later.

Finally, Mary Jeanine used them to border a quilt she made with one of Sharyn Craig’s patterns. She combined them with short strips of various widths and did a fabulous job.

Here’s Mary Jeanine’s “Quilt For Tati.”

And a close-up of her wonderful border…

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6 thoughts on “Finally! A Way To Use Up Those Stupid Twisted Sisters Leftovers!

  1. Aren’t you the one who talked about using OTF (off the floor) for borders some time ago? I think it’s a great idea to use up little cut–off pieces for a border!


  2. I couldn’t throw away my rainbow batik scraps from Ami’s workshop either! I sewed them together just like Mary Jeanine did, only they weren’t long enough, so I haven’t used them yet.


  3. What about using Cindy Walter’s Snippets ideas to create a label?
    Make a tree, flower arrangement, house, etc. Use stencils from office supply department of your local discount store to trace your name and/or initials and date and fill in with left over fabric. Just some ideas, no affiliation.


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