Quilting Aid

Isn't this a slick idea?
Isn't this a slick idea?

A huge thank-you to one of the students in my Twisted Sisters workshop in Chadron, Nebraska who let me photograph her handy pattern “holder-upper.”

(She even wrote her name on a piece of paper so that I could thank her properly, and guess who lost it?! I have such good intentions. Please forgive me.)

These things are sold in office supply stores and for a couple of bucks you’ll be able to find your pattern, class handout, or anything you have to refer to as you sew, as easy as pie. Put one in with your other workshop supplies.

ADDITION: This cool paper holder is called a PageUp.

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3 thoughts on “Quilting Aid

  1. DUH! I bought one ages ago to use at the computer when I am copying something. I never thought of it for anything else. DUH! I will now. Thanks. :<)


  2. Looks really usable–if I don’t forget when I leave the library I will stop at a stationery store across from my house. Have a good weekend


  3. If you know someone that does promotional items, or goes to trade shows etc., these are usually among the “give aways”. Yes, they are handy for all sorts of things! Linda in Mo


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