It’s A Dog’s Life

Madison here. Sorry I haven’t been able to blog yet, but I’ve been very busy. In addition to my job of keeping the sofa warm when nobody is looking, I’ve been helping around in the office.

When you call and are put on hold, that’s me. I hold the phone. Literally. The soft breathing in the background is not Mom or Debbie, it’s me. While they’re using their hands to find things, I make it all possible.

They used to use the hold button that comes with the phone, but I am very much more reliable. Every once in a while I do goof up. It happens. I’m sure you’ve heard of dropped calls. But hey, I do my best.

 I also type up orders, but I let Debbie fill them as the sticky stuff on the flaps of the priority envelopes is hard for those of us with fur. I take messages and paper notes back and forth from one office to the other. I am a Four-Legged-Fax.

I am present at all meetings. For standing meetings I lean against Mom or Debbie. For those that occur sitting down, my place is under the table. I no longer attend board meetings because they are, as the name implies, boring.

I also get stuck doing all the chores nobody else wants to do, like cleaning the computer monitors. It’s a dog’s life.

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14 thoughts on “It’s A Dog’s Life

  1. Dear Madison: So glad that you are keeping the office running smoothly and the humans in line. I know what you mean about that sticky sutff, plays havoc with my fur too. Have been around my Mum and Grandma for 8 years now, retired, just hanging out. Used to do dog shows, did pretty good, but now I just eat, sleep, go for walks and of course make sure my “people” are safe. It’s great to get your emails, I had to sneak in here to write this one – if you won’t tell, I’d really appreciate that. Like that famous Martin person said “keep those cards and letters coming in”. Have a good holiday weekend, and I’ll bark at you soon. Best Regards, Bodacious


  2. I love Madison’s comments/input, I’m sorry for Madison’s Grandmom having Alzheimers. So many of Ami’s comments I can relate to, though I do not have the creative/busy life she & her family do.
    Keep writing!


  3. Madison is welcome to come live with me and my two cats who I am sure would love him to pieces. Who wouldn’t. What a terrific help around the house he is and he’s beautiful to boot.


  4. I miss Madison’s additions to the blogs when he is otherwise occupied…and if it weren’t for the pictures of His Handsomeness I keep forgetting that he is a what he is!

    Madison reflects the love of his two legged companions…and sense of humor. What a blessing he must be for you Ami!


  5. Oh, Madison ~ how we could use your abilities at the law office where I work… let me know if you’re interested!! Lots of dog lovers work there – Westies, Labs, Retrievers, Shih Tzu’s, and many other All-American canine-types… some of them even come to visit (especially on bring your dog to work day).


  6. Madison, maybe you should record your panting and include a few barks and yips, then others could use it on their systems. It would be more relaxing than some of the muzac I hear when I’m on hold.


  7. Hi, Madison~ I’m impressed with all your office skills, you have quite a nifty resume. Mom is very lucky to have such a talented and dedicated helper!
    ~hugs~ from Hannes
    (Mrs. Goodneedle’s occasional stand-in blogger).


  8. Madison, My Mom gets mad at me when I lick the screen – how do you get away with it?

    Just only lick when they want you to. Otherwise they get cranky. ~~Madison


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