It’s Nice To Be Needed

I spent Friday and Saturday helping to move our daughter from one apartment to another. She actually moved on her own power, it was all her belongings that required my assistance. Jennie did all the packing and I basically showed up for the heavy lifting. It’s nice to be needed. On Friday we drove over a couple loads to her new place. It was approaching 90 degrees and the humidity was about as high. Thankfully there was a nice breeze right before the tornado warnings and the torrential downpour. And the hail. We made it inside just in time and had a radio so we knew when it was safe to resume the moving, but in case you ever visit Jennie during a tornado, the best place to hide is in her bedroom closet. Move the shoes.

On Saturday Steve came up to help with the U-Haul. Actually, it was a He-Haul because neither Jennie nor I had any desire to drive it. Some of Jen’s friends from work came to help too and they let me boss them around which was way fun.

This morning I discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had. Yesterday I pretended to be young. It was fun.

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5 thoughts on “It’s Nice To Be Needed

  1. Oh how I know what you are talking about. Have moved one or more of my kids several times. Yes, those darn sleeping muscles do talk to us the next day, don’t they? I had to laugh when I read your comment about “draining the dog”. What a funny expression for having to “take the dog out”. Hope you don’t have a copyright on that because I am surely going to use it from now on!!!!


  2. “This morning I discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had. Yesterday I pretended to be young. It was fun.”

    Been there, done that – glad you got pictures so you can remember the fun parts as you fill the tub with hot water and epsom salts…


  3. ‘we got caught by the wind and rain and had to sit in our cars and the U-haul (I didn’t drive either) yesterday too…Don’t you just love our Michigan weather (lower eastern part of the state here)? Isn’t is funny how when you are doing the moving and carrying you think “I’m young enough to help”..DUH-NOT


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