Quilts From The Selvage Edge

New AQS bookI love this idea; why didn’t I think of it first?! Karen Griska beat me to it, but I’m not jealous. I am in AWE. She’s made “new fabric” by stitching together selvages I’ve been throwing away or slicing up accidentally. Her book is chock full of really different quilts, the ultimate in scraps!

You’ll never look at your stash the same way. Forget your stash, you might want to go dumpster diving at the end of your next workshop. What treasures might you find?

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6 thoughts on “Quilts From The Selvage Edge

  1. I’ve been seeing all kinds of things made from these edges over in Etsy…….hairclips and stuffed toys, especially…..

    I thot I’d start to save them, but then I forget, and I save so much stuff anyway…..nice colors tho….


  2. this reminds me of those quilts that were done with cigar ribbons back in the days those of us now over 50 would call “the olden days”


  3. I’ve seen a couple people try this before and give up. Kudos to anyone who can actually make it work!

    I save my selveges for my friend’s mother’s friend, who lives in a nursing home. She uses them to crochet lap quilts for all the residents. That’s recycing!
    Keep the blog coming, it’s great.


  4. Ami,
    Did you notice that your selvage is on the cover of this book? Look under the word “Quilts” and you will see your “Pie a la Mode” with the big blueberries. I love that fabric.


  5. I’ve used selvedges for years to crochet area rugs. I’ve got one of those area rugs in my sewing room that is 50 inches in diameter.


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