Jump Rope

I was going to start blogging months ago. But, every auspicious occasion to begin the blog somehow slipped by because I hadn’t quite figured out where I wanted to blog, IF I wanted to blog, or exactly how to blog. But, it didn’t matter because I didn’t have time to decide or act on my blogging impulse anyway.

At least twice a day, I announced, “If I had a blog, I would blog about this.” But I didn’t, so I couldn’t. And now I do, and I’m not sure I can. I don’t have anything profound to say. Bloggers block.

I had an EVENT yesterday. Today’s kind of boring so far. If I can change the date to make it look like I started the blog yesterday, I’ll write about yesterday. Then you’ll be impressed.

Blogging reminds me of “Jump Rope.” (As in “Do you want to Jump Rope?”) No, I don’t. I hate Jump Rope. I do not excel at any sport and the terror of taking my turn in the schoolyard at recess almost made me hate recess. I’d wait, and wait, nodding my head like an inebriated pigeon with each swing, only to finally pick my moment to jump in and have the rope catch my shoe or smack me in the neck. I finally stopped playing Jump Rope and joined the AV Squad. (I was tall enough to carry a filmstrip projector without it dragging on the ground.) Proud moments.

You can help me get over my blogging terror by swinging the rope really high. Let it hit the ground and then, once the rope stops moving, I’ll jump over it. If I am successful, I’ll try it again. I believe this translates into leaving me encouraging feedback. Together we’ll get the hang of this.

18 thoughts on “Jump Rope

  1. Hi there Ami ~ If I can blog, so can you! Here’s a trip to get you started…..visit some blogs and leave a comment if you have anything to say. Then, they will reply to you and so on. On my blog, I have a list of links to other blogs that I visit. This gets to be habit forming, but is SO much fun! Hope to hear from you sometime!
    Karen from MI


  2. Great! More from Ami! I was thinking about creating a blog for myself too. I’ve noticed so many clever uses like family history, and children’s growth charts via photo, step by step photos of anything, good weather reports for the less fortunate weather people. Don’t forget to include your latest find’s, and tips. It would be fun to see a map of where you have taught with little pins of past present & future teaching locations.
    You’ve long been my quilting mentor, now you are my blog inspiration.
    Write more, Jeri :D


  3. I was filled with such self-doubt about starting my own blog–what can I post?–but knew that I wanted a pictorial journal of sorts for the projects that I do. The response to what I post is amazing! There is such a STRONG, STRONG base of beautiful women just like you who will comment, support, encourage, make you laugh & brighten your day—I am amazed on a daily basis how these women will come to visit your blog and just build you up over the most simple things. You can visit and comment on their blogs too–it’s such a tremendous exchange of friendship.

    And the nicest thing?—you don’t have to worry about the jump rope hitting you on the backside and the ‘popular girls’ snickering over your lack of coordination! Once you start blogging, you will find there are soooooo many women just like you–and this isn’t a popularity contest whatsoever. It’s just a solid group of creative women who want to see what you are doing–even it’s the most trivial parts of your day–and then they will be just the most encouraging ever!


  4. Since you make everything you do successful I know your blog will be, too. With your sense of humor, how could it not be?

    The closest things I have to a blog is the ALZ site and Flickr.


  5. I do love your sense of humor, so know I will enjoy your blog. Don’t think about it any more, JUST DO IT, as Nike would say. You know your best stuff is unplanned, so why worry?


  6. Ami, Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Don’t worry, you don’t have to have anything profound to say, just write whatever is on your mind. You’re off to a wonderful start!


  7. Atta girl! now we don’t have to wait for the monthly news letter! My cat has her own blog … http://www.xanga.com/misty_whispurrs, like Madison, she’s the font of info around here. I’m ashamed to say my own blog has restricted access because I use it to vent. And sometimes I really let’er rip! Until three weeks ago I had two parents over 90 … my 95 year old in-laws are now gone .. and only left with 92 yr old dad in the house. As long as the manhattan supply remains, he’s fine. sigh!


  8. Way to go Ami! You so sounded like me as a young girl when you were talking about jumping rope. I could picture our heads bobbing in unison as we tried to get into the rope! Alas I am also grace-challenged! But we have other attributes that people find hard to acquire.. we just have to embrace those!


  9. Dear Ami,

    Now that you are blogging I feel more than ever like you are an old friend. You and Madison are a pleasure whenever you write and to think that you will now have a blog is wonderful. I am a caregiver for my husband who has Alzheimer’s and find that quilting and humor are my best refuge. We live in the middle of the Arizona desert with two Corgi dog people and one cat who knows how to command. Each day is an adventure made more precious with good friends, a good laugh and a flexible life style. Welcome into my home!


  10. Dear Ami and Madison, I’m delighted that you’ve taken up blogging, since I so enjoy your newsletter(s). I’ll check back on you soon, and if you have a moment, please check out mine above.


  11. I hope you are better at this than I am. I have a blog and at least two or three times a day I think, “Wow, I should write about that in my blog … LATER.” When I finally have time to write, I can’t remember a single interesting thing!

    Anyway, you are off to a good start. Good luck!


  12. Ami, I love the way you view any situation and I always understand what you are writing about. You and your sense of humor are an absolute pleasure to me and I make a point of always reading your “stuff” from start to finish.


  13. AMI! I love this! My only advice is to let Madison lick the keyboad to get the breakfast crumbs off it. Lots of love to you!


  14. Someday I hope to meet you at a class, quilting show, etc. Until then keep writing because I am enchanted with your sense of humor and Madison’s views on life and the living of it.


  15. Hi Ammi……..keep up the great blogging…….I just read every word and enjoyed you completely!
    What you do and say is an inspiration to all who read this.
    Please let us know if you are able to get both legs shaved in the same week!
    LuAnn from Oregon


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