Yawning & Other Strange Phenomena (December 1997)

I've heard that if you open your mouth all the way and take a deep breath, youíll automatically yawn. Iíve tried it and it works for me. Would you mind giving it a whirl to see if this happens when you do it? Iím really curious.

Another strange phenomenon almost occurred just after Thanksgiving. Steve was getting the tree ready to bring into the house and I went out on the deck to pester him about something. As we spoke I could hear a radio. There was no radio in sight, but the closer I got to him, the louder it was.

I got really excited, thinking that perhaps his dental work and the angle of his head or something was tuning in a radio station. (Címon, youíve all heard those stories.) Trying not to tip my hand, I just got closer and closer, trying to get a look inside his mouth. I have no idea what I was looking for---maybe sparks or something.

Steveís a little shorter than I am, so trying to get a look inside his mouth while carrying on casual conversation is a little harder than it sounds. I didnít want to spook him, so I had to be NONCHALANT. (Thatís French for the opposite of ďOh, my Gosh, your head has turned into a radio!! Hold still let me look!Ē)

It didnít take long for him to start backing up as I got closer and closer. When I had inadvertently pinned him against the Bar-B-Q, he held me at armís length and asked me what in the world I was doing. Actually voicing my suspicions---dare I say ďhopes?Ē---sounded incredibly foolish. But what the heck. Weíre always running out of batteries, and if his head could tune in radio stations, that would be an incredible savings. Not only that, but now I could listen to my favorite radio station in the car and he could, well, listen to his.

I was already wondering if I could work out some kind of snooze control so that I could listen in bed until I fell asleep, but then he messed it all up by showing me the transistor radio in his jacket pocket. Darn. And I had such high hopes.
(c)1997 by Ami Simms.