Yardage & Supplies

Suitable Fabrics: Quilting cottons, flannel, velveteen, chambray, corduroy, velour, velvet, silk, lightweight denim, sweatshirt material (inside out), and plush fabrics such as Minkee Blankee. Pellon 820 Quilter’s Grid will be fused to all fabrics. Therefore, fleece and some plush fabrics that are very fuzzy on both sides, should not be used. Textured plush fabrics flatten after fusing; some texture may partially reappear after laundering.

Two contrasting or complementary colors can be used, but so can a single color, or 12 different colors, or 24 different colors. It's totally up to you. Check out the Sew & Tell to see lots of examples.

Purchase Equal Amounts Fabric and Pellon 820 Quilter’s Grid

Yardage is given for 45"-wide fabric to eliminate need for piecing Quilter’s Grid. While this makes purchasing and preparing fabric easier, there will be significant leftovers (for some sizes) with 60"-wide fabric.

Other Supplies: Two sheets of Sticky Template Plastic (INCLUDED), straight stitch sewing machine, thread and embroidery floss, sharp-pointed fabric scissors such as Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors (size large), sturdy scissors for cutting plastic, chenille needle (size 22), black ultra fine tip permanent marker, Fairfield Poly-fil Supreme® fiberfill, and thimble. Optional: wooden chop stick, salad fork, one old rubber glove, and a spring tong utensil with thick rubber band.

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