Worrell, Sharon

Worrell, Sharon
Here is my latest quilt, "What..? Where..? How Many..?" Of course it's inspired from your book, "Picture Play Quilts."

In the close-up, do you recognize the white square with red shooting stars? That's the bonus fabric from you when I placed an order!

This quilt meets the requirement of "20 MPH on horseback". I tried to streamline the rotary cutting of the solid fabrics (I stacked 6 deep) and used a not-so-sharp rotary blade. DON'T DO THAT.

The piecing was done by moi, and the quilting by Sharon Graves. I want to do at least a couple more!

Thanks for being my inspiration, for such great newsletters, for your wide interests that send me all over cyberspace, and for your dedication to your Mom.

Sharon Worrell
Antioch, CA

This quilt was made with the "Sunshine" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.