Martha Wolfersberger

Wolfersberger, Martha (2)
I made two Amazing Puzzle Balls to test Ami's pattern. This bright little one is a size Small.

It's totally made out of Minkee fabric from Benartex, green for the MELONS and orange for the HALF-CIRCLES.

I had never worked with Minkee before, in part because of its reputation for being difficult to sew since it stretches so easily. Happily, using Ami's technique for stabilizing the fabric I had no real difficulty machine sewing even the curves of the size Small balls.

Martha Wolfersberger
Frenchtown, MT

Martha Woldfersberger
This size Small was made with Minkee Blankee and a purple coordinating print.

Make a puzzle ball for a little one in your life with Ami's Amazing Puzzle Ball pattern.