Wet Dog

Wet Dog
My sister, Jennie, and Mom and me went to Lake Huron a couple of time this summer. I've never done that before, but it sure was fun. It's not anything like taking a bath, except you do get all wet.

We brought my "Go-Ferrr" ball, which is like a sling shot and ball all in one. I love it.

You put the elastic between your toes (or fingers, if you're human) and pull way back. I kind of have it backwards here unless I want to launch it into my own face. Usually Mom shoots it for me. As long as she sticks to the slingshot method, she's fine. When she tries to fling it by the string like Dad, look out. She was aiming for the tree in the backyard and she flung it over the house into the front yard!

Here at the lake, Mom and Jennie threw it into the water for me and I fetch it back. See me swimming out to get it?

Here I am coming back. I'm really good at this. Mom calls me the "Perpetual Fetcher."

When Mom gets tired of throwing, we sit on the sand and relax. She's so lazy.

Here I am with my sister. No, we're not twins. I'm giving the camera my "I'd rather go back and fetch" look. Very determined.

Mom, can you PLEASE take me back to the lake again? I'll drive if you're too tired.