Debbie Voigt

Voigt, Debbie
I am including here, for your viewing pleasure, a video. The small quilt group to which I belong met a friend's home for a Sew Day where we presented her newly adopted son, Wade, with his own Picture Play Quilt.

Our small group is called Miss Bee Haven and includes: Kathleen Baden, Gina Allen, Holly Alloway, Pat Martin, Laura Patridge, Lisa Alley, Karen Fridy, Carolyn Bailey, Bonnie Hunter, Muriel Riggs, Sharon Johe, and Martha Claire Henzler. We've been conspiring together for months to have this ready for him... each one of us contributing fabrics or embroideries and applique blocks, piecing tasks, quilting, binding... etc. It was, as you'll see, an unqualified SUCCESS!

Debbie Voit

This quilt was made with the "Window On The World" pattern in Picture Play Quilts.