Twisted Sisters
Rotary Template & Pattern

<font color="#FF0000">NEW!</font> Twisted Sisters
NEW! Twisted Sisters
Item# TS

<font color="#FF0000">NEW!</font> Twisted Sisters
It's B A C K....
I am totally thrilled and delighted to offer a revised, expanded, and totally awesome new Twisted Sisters pattern to accompany the tried and true Twisted Sisters template. Better, more thorough instructions, and a slew of new quilts to make with the same wonderful template! Yah! Hooray! (Pattern new, same template.)

Twisted Sisters is a fun quilt pattern that goes together quick and easy, whether you make a "traditional" block (like the black and white one above), or one of the new variations (dancing above this paragraph). It might look complicated, but the rotary template included with the pattern assures precision piecing and the step-by-step instructions guarantee your success. Use Fat Quarters, ½ -yard lengths, or scraps—the choice is yours. The hardest part will be stopping with just ONE!


I love the TS pattern and have been borrowing the template from a friend. I needed my very own !! I like it because it's just plain fun to do. It's modern and plays into my love of bright colors.
Carol Burns,
I wanted to tell how marvalous I think your Twisted Sister template and [pattern] is. I am quite new to patchwork but found your instructions very easy. I have enjoyed making the squares and will probably make it into a lap quilt. I love your little quips in the text also. Thank once again.

Best wishes,
Ann (enthusiastic patchworker)